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She's Cool. He's Hot. She's From The Valley. He's Not.
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Film facts for the 1983 Teen Drama movie starring Deborah Foreman, Michelle Meyrink, Nicolas Cage, Heidi Holicker

Elizabeth Daily, Frederic Forrest, Cameron Dye, Colleen Camp, Michael Bowen, Tina Theberge, Lee Purcell, Richard Sanders, David Ensor (II), Joanne Baron, Tony Plana, Tony Markes, Christopher Murphy, Robby Romero, Camille Calvet Update Cast

We believe the following trivia is all legit. If it's bogus or you have additional info, please update us.

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"Valley Girl" is also known as "Bad Boyz" or sometimes "Rebel Dreams" (on video).
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This was the first film Nicolas Cage was cast in using the last name Cage (he was credited in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" as Nicholas Copolla)
Thanks to Dawna
Elizabeth Daily would later having a rather successful musical career. She performed a song called "Waiting" on "The Breakfast Club" soundtrack. She also had a big Club hit with the song "Say It, Say It." She is also sometimes credited as E.G. Daily. She went on to voice the cute, lovable character of Tommy Pickles in the well known Nickelodeon cartoon, THE RUGRATS.
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The club where Randy and Julie go on there first date (where The Plimsouls perform) is the same club that was featured in The Go-Go's 1981 video for "Our Lips Our Sealed" -see locations.
Thanks to Caligirl34
Did you know that Lee Purcell who plays Suzie's stepmom was 4 months pregnant while filming? It shares that in the DVD Extras.
Thanks to Jessica
When Randy sneaks back into the party and meets Julie in the bathroom, he asks her to leave the party. Julie asks, "Where are we going?" Randy replies, "I don't care." Then Julies asks, "What are we going to do." Randy replies, "Anything". -Nicolas Cage uses the exact same lines in "City of Angels" when he meets with Meg Ryan in the library.
Thanks to Brigitte
Deborah Foreman was also in "Waxwork" in which she co-stars with Zach Galligan from Gremlins.
Thanks to Dale Sams
Michael Bowen can also be seen in Kill Bill Vol.1 as the male nurse who lets guys sleep with a comatose Uma Thurman.
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E.G. or Elizabeth Daily was also the lead singer of the band in the prom scene in the movie "Better off Dead" starring John Cusack. One of the songs is titled after the movie, "Better off Dead."
Thanks to Rob
Deborah Foreman also starred in "My Chauffer" with Howard Hessman from WKRP and Head of the class. She was truly dazzling
Thanks to Erica
Elizabeth Daily also recorded "Shake It Up" found on the Scareface soundtrack.
Thanks to Dan Renfrow
Elizabeth (E.G.) Daily also went on to record the test taking theme song Mind Over Matter for the movie Summer School, and also starred with Pee-Wee Herman in "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" as the bicylcle shop owner, Dottie...
Thanks to Caligirl34
Did you know that Michael Bowen is the Uncle of Martha Plimpton.. (She was in Goonies, The Parenthood, and was the girlfriend of the late River Phoenix)?
Thanks to Tonya
Deborah Foreman posed for playboy magazine. There is a small picture of her in the 25th anniversary issue.
Thanks to Rene`
Elizabeth Daily made an appearance in another 80's teen classic, "Better Off Dead." Elizabeth is the singer at the teen dance attended by Lane, Monique and Ricky. She is credited as playing "herself," and the two songs she sings in the film are on the original soundtrack - "One Way Love" and "A Little Luck." You can even hear a sample of each song under the soundtrack listing on The songs are totally tubular!
Thanks to Rita
Michelle Meyrink is also Marcia in "The Outsiders".
Editor Lisa Kuiper
So, who is the girl on the cover of the poster / video box?

It is not Deborah Foreman... The actress that appeared in the movie poster is actually Jill Carroll (she was in Psycho II). Jill was considered for the role of Julie, but backed out and accepted another job offer. They had already printed the poster, so to keep the budget down, they kept it.

BUT, Morrighan72 wrote in to add that the girl on the poster / dvd cover is actually actress Tina Theberge who played Randy's ex-girlfriend, Samantha w/blonde hair... It's not Jill Carroll from Psycho II.
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Nicolas Cage describes Deborah Foreman and her performance as "sweet & innocent."
Thanks to Tawnya
The following people were also in the movie Real Genius: Michelle Meyrink played Suzie in Valley Girl and Jordan in Real Genius. Joanne Baron played the Prom Teacher in Valley Girl and Mrs.Taylor in Real Genius. Deborah Foreman played Julie in Valley Girl and Susan in Real Genius. They were both directed by Martha Coolidge.
Thanks to Phil
In the scene where Stacey and Loren are talking about where their dates are taking them after prom, William Zabka (Johnny in "The Karate Kid") is the actor in the foreground (wearing a pink headband/tie -- what would they say at the Cobra Kai?) and wrapping around a basketball hoop...
Thanks to Stephanie
One of Valley Girl's producers and screenwriters, Wayne Crawford, plays Suzi's stepmom's boyfriend, Lyle.
Thanks to Caligirl34
Fred Bailey (Cameron Dye) was married to Laura San Giacomo (who played Kat DeLuca in Pretty Woman, with Julia Roberts).
Thanks to JoBeth
Elizabeth Daily also played one of the runaways in Rod Stewart's "Young Turks" music video. She was the voice of the cute little baby Mumble from Happy Feet (credited as E.G Daily).
Editor Tom McCarthy
A larger, tougher looking Michael Bowen (Tommy) can be seen in another 80's hit; Less Than Zero. He's James Spader's thug "Bill".
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Colleen Camp and Frederick Forrest both starred in 'Apocolypse Now'.
Thanks to Joe
Micheal Bowen is the step brother of Robert Carradine.
Thanks to Anonymous
Elizabeth Daily also appeared on Friends as a friend of Phoebe's.
Thanks to Tamara Angotti
In the scene where Suzie's stepmom is talking to Suzie's love interest, as he is delivering groceries to her, the stepmom makes a reference to "plastics."

She says "I have a little tip for you: plastics."

Isn't this in reference to a scene in "The Graduate" where a corporate guy says this to Dustin Hoffman?
Thanks to Kelley Nance
Joyce Heiser (star of "Just One of the Guys" who plays androgynous Terri) is in the prom scene. She first appears at the snack area asking the female teacher where the cups are. She is seen next talking with Stacy (Stacy is sitting and Joyce is standing). Joyce is in the credits as "Joyce" but her name is spelled Heiser. Her last name is spelled Hyser for "Just One of the Guys".
Thanks to Mountain Mike
At DVD timecode 00:01:53 (NTSC) during the opening credits it shows a credit card being placed in the machine, and the name on the card is Wayne Crawford, one of the writers for the movie.
Thanks to Dave
If you ever wondered what Julie's (Deborah Foreman) line to Stacey was, right before they got in the car with Randy and Fred at the party... Well I asked this question to Deborah Foreman and she personally answered it for me. She said Julie's line to Stacy was "Randy is skillish, okay"... Wow, who would have ever guessed? I know personally I backed the tape up many times just to figure out what was said. It's funny to hear what some of us thought was said. I thought Julie said "Randy's friend looks okay"...(LOL) [Thanks to Fran Christian] -BUT- the DVD subtitles say ..."But the rating scale looks ok."
Thanks to Grace
When Julie and Tommy go to the movies (and Randy poses as a ticket taking guy), the film on the marquee is "Getting Even" - not a real film at the time. I think the title served as a visual complement to Randy's plan to get Julie back and a foreshadow of Randy kicking Tommy's butt later...
Thanks to Kelly Reynolds
During the DVD commentary, Coolidge said that Cage and Foreman were dating, the break up scene was shot early in the movie and they had a tough time doing the break up scene at Foreman's house at the front door.
Thanks to Stephanie
Deborah Foreman used to model in Maybelline Shine-Free make-up ads in the '80's. You probably remember seeing her face in Seventeen magazine.
Thanks to Joel
Deborah Foreman also went on to appear in two other '80s classics. She had a small role opposite Val Kilmer in "Real Genius, delivering one of the more memorable lines, about hammering a six-ince spike through a board. Then later she had another starring role in the teen horror classic "April Fool's Day.

Deborah Forman was also in "The Experts" with John Travolta and Michele Meyrink was in "Revenge of the Nerds" as Anothony Edward's girlfriend.
Thanks to Bernie_Lomax
This movie was actually made in 1982. If you check out the credits it clearly has 1982 in roman numerals at the end.
Thanks to Morrighan72
The girl on the dvd cover is actually actress Tina Theberge who played Randy's ex-girlfriend, Samantha w/blonde hair... It's not Jill Carroll from Psycho II as mentioned above :)
Thanks to Rob Densmore
The driving instructor who jumps from the moving car played Les Nessman on WKRP in Cincinnati.
Thanks to Mark
At the end of the movie, just before they roll credits, they show the cars on the freeway in the shape of a heart. Or is it my imagination?
Thanks to Flashback
That's Prescott Niles of 'The Knack' playing Bass guitar during the Josie Cotton song sequences.
Thanks to Cristina Coro
Elizabeth Daily (Loryn), also plays the role of a hotel chambermaid in the low-budget film, "Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains", staring Diane Lane and Ray Winstone.
Thanks to Suzi
Along with the movie Say Anything, a quote from Valley Girl was used in a song called "These are the quotes from our favorite 80s movies" by a New Jersey punk band called The Bouncing Souls. In the very beginning Nicolas Cage's character says "that chick julie is truly dazzling" with with the reply of "yep, but she's not one of ours".

Bogus Trivia

There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby".

The following trivia for "Valley Girl" is apparently bogus. If you disagree or have additional info, please update us.

Josie Cotton's backup band was the 80's popular new wave band, Kajagoogoo.

Kajagoogoo was not Josie Cotton's backup band during the prom scene. To date, the band has not set foot on American soil once, so it was not possible for them to have been in the movie.

BUT, Feor, wrote in to say that Kajagoogoo was in the US in 1985 according to this link. I'm unable to corroborate Kajagoogoo being Josie Cotton's backup band though...
In the scene where Stacy & Loryn are decorating for the prom & Stacy tells Loryn where Tommy is taking Julie after the prom, it was thought that William Zabka (Bad guy "Johnny" from "Karate Kid") is sitting behind them, trying not to eavesdrop. (Love that headband he's wearing!!)

BUT: JCB kindly wrote in to say that when Stacey & Loryn are decorating for the prom, the guy eaves dropping is not the karate kid guy but a man named Tom Franz who was a Production Assistant on the film.
In the scene where Nic Cage is waiting in the bathroom, a group of kids come in, one of the guys is Jon Cryer from "Pretty in Pink" and more recently "Two and A Half Men".
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