Weekend at Bernie's Movie Trivia

Weekend at Bernie's Trivia

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...So Bernie invites them over for the weekend.

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Film facts for the 1989 Comedy movie starring Jonathan Silverman, Andrew McCarthy, Catherine Mary Stewart More Cast

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Weekend at Bernie's grossed 30 Million at the box-office.
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Director Kotcheff gives a brief cameo as Silverman's father. The scene was directed by McCarthy.
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Nominated for a critic's award at the Deaville Film Festival.
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Nominated for the AFI's "100 years, 100 laughs" special by film critic and professor of English at the University of Daytona, Tony Macklin.
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The "Female Celebrity Smoking List" praises the scene involving Catherine Parks after she has sex with Bernie saying "Never been better"
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Catherine Mary Stewart broke into films when she auditioned for, and won the lead role in, the futuristic musical, "The Apple" (1980). The film, unfortunately, turned out quite poorly, but an undaunted Stewart moved to Los Angeles and got the role of Kayla Brady on the daytime soap, "Days of Our Lives", in 1981.

Soon thereafter, she played a small role in the Sylvester Stallone vehicle "Nighthawks" (1981) and made her first TV-movie, "A Killer in the Family" (1983) before moving on to her starring roles in "The Last Starfighter" (1984) and "Night Of The Comet" (1984).
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This movie was mentioned in an episode of "Friends" as being Rachel's (Jennifer Aniston) favourite movie.
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Don Calfa, the actor who plays "Paulie", the hitman that repeatedly kills Bernie, has attempted murder in another role as well. He played the "Man with the Scar" (as Goldie Hawn's character refers to him) in the 1970's comedy, "Foul Play". He was also the "Ernie" the undertaker in the campy horror flick, "Return of the Living Dead".
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Skeet Ulrich played a small uncredited cameo at the party in Bernie's house. Whenever Richard is talking to Gwen out on the deck you can see him in the background wearing a black shirt talking in a group of people.
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Terry "Bernie" Kiser is also known for playing sleazy tabloid reporter Al Craven in the early seasons of "Night Court". Craven seemed to live for getting on Judge Stone's nerves in pursuit of a headline, but one or two more encounters with Bull and he'd have needed Richard & Larry a bit earlier to make him 'look alive'..!
Catherine Mary Stewart was in some excellent 1980's sci-fi gems including 'The Last Starfighter', - 'Night of the Comet' and 'World Gone Wild', the latter being a Mad Max Road Warrior rip off starring alongside Michael Pare (Streets of Fire) and Adam Ant!
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The orginal script had Paulie known as the "Ice Man" and in the Sunday office scene Larry was watching a Yankees game in which he betted on.
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There is a tribute to another Ted Kotcheff movie. When Richard tells Larry when he hiding with Bernie "you can come out now Rambo"
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It looks like the scene where Bernie falls overboard is a homage to the movie "Sheba, Baby" which was filmed in 1975.
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Alternate title names were "Heat Wave and "Some Like It Hot" before deciding on "Weekend At Bernies"
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I believe that the the fellow in the yacht who says "you can"t do that" is none other than James Garner.
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Larry tells Richard that they should go to the beach. Richard gives reason why they should not go to the beach.

"We can go to Jones Beach and watch the fish disintegrate at our feet; or we can go to Coney Island and float away in the medical waste"

This is in reference to the infamous "Syringe Tide" when medical waste washed up on several New Jersey beaches.

Bogus Trivia

There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby".

The following trivia for "Weekend at Bernie's" is apparently bogus. If you disagree or have additional info, please update us.

Myth: The actor who played Richard (Jonathon Silverman) is the brother of Sarah Silverman from the Sarah Silverman Show.

Fact: Jonathan and Sarah Silverman are NOT brother and sister. Sarah has a sister born in June of 1966 whilst Jonathan was born in August 1966. They come from two seperate places (Jon from California and Sarah from New Hampshire).
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