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Thanks to Kisszac
"Look at this fool he wants to get off, we want to get on."
Thanks to Mike Reilly
"I know the statitics, I watch 20/20. One of these days he is going to wake up dead. I'll make the coffee."
Thanks to Kisszac
"Paddling in the Atlantic Ocean on a dead body." - Richard

"Rich, I'm getting swimmers ear." -Larry

"This is now the perfect weekend. It started when I almost broke my leg jumping on a moving ferry. I get to this beautiful beach and my host, sorry - he's dead." -Richard

*Cuts To Paulie's attempt to get back to Hampton Island scene, then cuts back to Richard and Larry coming out of the ocean*

"I fell down a lighthouse, I had a corpse wash up next to me on the shore and then I find out that my dead boss, he's not only a thief, he wants to kill me!" - Richard

*cuts to Gwen walking on beach, then back to Bernie's house*

"I almost drown. The girl of my dreams now thinks I am a raving lunatic." - Richard

"You mean what's her name?" - Larry

"And now we're going back to the house of death." - Richard

"Great weekend!" - Larry

"Great weekend!" - Richard
Thanks to Mike Reilly
"You didn't like Hymie's Hunan? It's a four star dive"

"This sucks I am so unhappy, we should be at a real beach"
"There are no more real beaches"
Thanks to Mike Reilly
"How would you two like to spend the weekend at my beach house?"

Thanks to Mike Reilly
This sucks as soon as I see light at the end of the tunnel he dies on us. I told everybody at the office we were coming here this weekend, they were so jealous. How am I going to get back to the city? He promised me a ride.
Thanks to Mike Reilly
Give me your money, your wallets!!! Get your ass out of here its too hot.
Thanks to Mike Reilly
And I lose again. Lar, I won. Gwen and I dinner, Thursday night. It was the clumsy approach. You're going to want to borrow my appartment.

No thank you. Its the cockroaches isnt it? They scatter when the lights go on!!
Thanks to Mike Reilly
"We were on the 6 o'clock ferry and we're two schmucks."
Thanks to Mike Reilly
"Manos de Piedra", "Fists of Steel"

(Although it actually translates as "Hands of Stone")
Thanks to Mike Reilly
Oh Bernie you animal... You're insatiable.
Thanks to Mike Reilly
Monroe, go lay out my blue suit for tomorrow.

How about I lay you out?

Very Well.
Thanks to Mike Reilly
Bernie told whoever he was talking to not to kill us while he's around...

-Yes, but he's dead now. He's not around anymore.

I know that. You know that. Nobody else knows that.
Thanks to Mike Reilly
I know he's meditating... No, he is like dead.
Thanks to Mike Reilly
"Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle as the "Big Apple" becomes "The Baked Apple" Owwwl.

The forecast is the four H's Hot, Hazy, Humid and Horrible."
Thanks to Mike Reilly
"I'm a little rusty, but it'll come back to me."
Thanks to Paul Daley
He loves us. The man absolutely loves us!!

You have to kill them Vido
Thanks to Jakey V
"Kiss my a**?! What kind of home training is that?"

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