Night of the Comet Movie Review

Night of the Comet

The last time the comet came the dinosoars disappeared...
Night of the Comet Picture
Kelli Maroney plays "Samantha Belmont"


Robert Beltran, Kelli Maroney, Catherine Mary Stewart, Sharon Ferrell

Geoffrey Lewis, Mary Woronov, Peter Fox, John Achorn, Michael Bowen, Devon Ericson, Lissa Layng, Ivan E. Roth, Janice Kawaye, Chance Boyer, Andrew Boyer, Stanley Brock, Marc Poppel, Raymond Lynch Update Cast


Look for Dick Rude making a cameo appearance!


Itís 1984 and this Christmas weíre going to party like thereís no tomorrow. It seems that a stellar light show will begin on Christmas Eve when a comet passes through our atmosphere. The last time it passed by was over 65,000,000 years ago, about the time the dinosaurs disappeared. So pick up your sunglasses and buy one of those alien headbands everyoneís wearing and enjoy the party for thereís no real tomorrow...

So everyone's partied their butts off and almost no oneís survived the night, except the few who were protected behind steel walls. This is where we join our unlikely heroes, a valley girl, a cheerleader and a truck driver, as they discover what happened to everyone. But watch out, there are zombies everywhere looking for a little action and some nice fresh meat. If that isnít enough there seems to be a think tank looking for survivors they can save or can they? Weíre all just test subjects for the big brains.

Will our heroes survive to repopulate the earth? Of course they will, itís the 80ís and every fairytale must have a happy ending. so just remember if the world truly ends and youíve forgotten your MasterCard you wonít need it, the stores are open...

Until 2007, this classic movie was one of the sad list of titles that were unavailable on DVD with seemingly no hope of a release. We were delighted that a bare-bones DVD was finally released in the USA on 6th March 2007, but even more pleased when it got the full Special Edition Blu-ray treatment in 2013 in both the UK & USA with no less than THREE commentaries!! Use our search feature to grab a copy!

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This movie is one of the best thingís to come out of the 80ís. Personally, when I felt low, I would watch this film and just dream that I was one of the last people on earth. And of course my prince charming would roll up in a Porsche to drive me into the sunset. So itís almost a ten in my book.

A true cult classic.
Would the power really stay on?

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Key Crew

Director: Thom Eberhart
Writer: Thom Eberhart
Producers: Thomas Coleman, Wayne Crawford, Nancy Israel, Andrew Lane, Michael Rosenblatt, Sandra Scheik
Locations Manager:

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Release Date: 16 Nov 1984
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Studio: Atlantic Releasing
Production: Film Development Fund
Genre: Sci-Fi

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