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Just because Jonathan's fallen in love with a piece of wood, it doesn't make him a dummy!
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Favorite movie quotes and links for the 1987 Romantic Comedy movie starring Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall, Meshach Taylor, James Spader

Estelle Getty, G.W. Bailey, Carole Davis, Steve Vinovich, Christopher Maher, Phyllis Newman, Phil Rubenstein, Jeffrey Lampert, Kenneth Lloyd, Jake Jundef, Harvey Levine, Tom McCarthy Update Cast

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Richards: "No thanks is necessary Swit.....zer"
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Richards: "You people who work at night scare me"
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Hollywood: ...Diets are no good. It's those jelly donuts, they call to me at night. "Hollywood, Hollywood, come and get me Hollywood."
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Roxy, you'll *never* understand!

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