Lady in White Soundtrack

Lady in White Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

Lady in White featured the following songs:

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Did You Ever Seen A Dream Walking
Mr Bassman
Johnny Cymbal
(How much is that) Doggie In The Window
Bob Merrill
Lets Limbo Some More
Dave Appell
Giuseppe Fanciulli
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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Frank Laloggia

Lady in White featured the following pieces of instrumental music:

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Frank Laloggia
Frank Laloggia
Frank Laloggia
Frank Laloggia
Frank Laloggia
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Thanks to chadergeist, who wrote in to say that Varese Sarabande released the first soundtrack on LP and the details are as follows:

Varese Sarabande 704.530
Release Date

Track listing

1. Main Title: Back to Willowpoint Falls
2. Bicycle Chase
3. Wet Cement
4. Melissa
5. Frankie's Alright
6. Melissa Visits
7. Christmas
8. I Had My Thinkin' Tree
9. Frankie Meets Amanda
10. Geno Sees Meslissa
11. Frankie at the Cottage/Mother and Daughter Unite
12. FinaleUpdate Us

Score Trivia

Thanks to Anonymous
Frank LaLoggia composed and performed the orchestral score to the supernatural-thriller soundtrack, but he also wrote the screenplay and directed the movie too.

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