Lady in White Bloopers & Goofs

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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1988 Horror / Occult movie starring Lukas Haas, Len Cariou, Alex Rocco et al.
Contributed by: Anonymous
Frankie's Dad is seen wearing a down vest in several scenes in the film, but this would not have been the case in 1962. The schoolbus that appears in the film is also a much later model.
Contributed by: Chris
Toward the beginning of the movie, Frankie falls into wet cement on a sidewalk. He would have needed to hose down himself and his bicycle in order to get the cement off and stop it from hardening into chunks and totally screwing up his bicycle and clothes. In the next scene, it looks like he was just rolling around in plain old mud that he brushed off.
Contributed by: Chris
During the movie when we see Melissa's ghost, she is able to go through objects, like doors and windows, without having to open them. When we first see the Lady in White ghost come out of her house and start running for the cliffs to look for Melissa, she opens the gate to the white picket fence surrounding the house. She shouldn't have needed to open the gate.
Contributed by: debbie
In the opening scene when the boys are going to school they ride their bikes for a ways and when they are following Melissa they go right outside of their house and across the street to the school.
Contributed by: Phillip
After the attempt is made on Frankie's life and he is recovering at home, his older brother Gino comes in eating an apple and says, "It's all there, eleven kids molested and killed in the past ten years. They're all from the city except the first one, Richie Cilak. You remember Richie don't you? We were in the sixth grade together..." Gino is clearly in High School. If it were ten years; it would put Gino in his twenties. Also, there would be no reason to ask Frankie if he remembered Richie as Frankie would have been too young.
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