Lady in White


The script of "Lady in White" contained over 1400 hand-drawn images.

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Are you in the mood for a excellent ghost story? A good thriller and an overall great mystery? ...Or maybe just an adventure..?

Well Lady in White has it all.

...So grab some treats and sit back... 'Cause here we go!

In 1952, a horrible thing happened in the quiet town of Willowpoint Falls. A little girl was discovered dead. The murderer was never uncovered and the little town kept quiet as the murders continued. Ten years has passed since the first child was found...

1962, ten years later and Frankie Scarlatti has no memory of the terrible things that have plagued his home town. Why should he, he is just a little boy in Fourth Grade. All Frankie can think about is Halloween and what a Halloween this will be for Frankie is about to have the adventure of his life. Locked in his fourth grade cloakroom on Halloween, Frankie sees the little girl murdered there ten years earlier. Now Frankie must try to help her and solve her mystery without being killed.

Will he find out who the murderer is? Will he find out who the Lady in White is?

...Or will Frankie become the next victim of a child killer? I guess you will have to find out for yourselves...


Although it is a another great movie to add to my collection, Lady in White is different. I could not get enough of it. It is a ghost story from a child's point of view, but even though it was called a horror film by many, Lady in White is more about growing up.

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Strengths: Strong story and characters, a true classic of the 80's

Weaknesses? Should a great film have any?

Our rating: 9 out of 10

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Lady in White