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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1988 Horror / Occult movie starring Lukas Haas, Len Cariou, Alex Rocco More Cast

Locations Manager(s): Stratton Rawson, Stephanie Spangler

Lady in White Filming Locations:

The very first scene was filmed at Hancock Airport in North Syracuse, Ny. I know this because in the first minute, when 2 woman are walking, chatting in the airport, I was the extra in the red coat! [Thanks to Lena]

In recreating his recollections of an idyllic childhood for 80's moviegoers, "Lady in White" director/writer Frank LaLoggia decided it was critical for the film's backdrop to play as strong a role as any of his human stars. Consequently, he decided to shoot nearly all exteriors of the ghostly thriller in his own youthful backyard, the still-quaint upstate New York town of Lyons.

Although LaLoggia grew up just 30 miles from the hamlet of nearly 5,000, he had never visited the area until he began scouting locations for his semi-autobiographical film. Yet almost as soon as he discovered the town, LaLoggia knew he had stumbled upon his "Willowpoint Falls", circa 1962, the place where nothing really bad could ever happen to anyone.

"I chose Lyons because I wanted the town to have a real storybook feel to it," says LaLoggia. "In the first draft, I had an image of the courthouse, of the gazebo, of the park, and Lyons had all of that. In fact, Lyons had everything I wanted."

It only took one day for LaLoggia and his "Lady in White" crew to transform Lyons into Frankie Scarlatti's mythical hometown. Using facades, signs and props of the early '60s, a photocopy center was turned into "Evans' Apothecary," the Soda Spa diner became "The Willowpoint Cafe", complete with old-fashioned Coca-Cola glasses, a monstrous cash register and counter jukeboxes, and a store window usually filled with barbecue grills and garden hoses had pumpkins, five-foot-high corn stalks and rakes.

The School that was used in the movie was in Phelps, New York. It is now used as a Senior Citezens home. The Graveyard was also from Phelps, New York. [Thanks to Kristin]

The school was then Midlakes Middle School. The classroom in the movie is the one I took 7th grade history in. The courthouse is in Canandaguia New York and is still functional to this day. [Thanks to wesley criblear]

However, Dorothy Paige kindly wrote in to say: "The courthouse is not in Canandaigua but Lyons, the Ohmann theatre as is the jj newberrys sign (now closed), the town square with the gazebo and the clock tower are all in Lyons. I was in Lyons and Phelps last weekend where they had a special showing of Lady In White at the Ohmann Theatre." -Maybe we're talking about exteriors and interiors of the courthouse here.. Can anyone confirm?

During the storyboarding process, LaLoggia realized he would have to find a suitable area to shoot pounding waves crashing against jagged cliffs, something the otherwise perfect town of Lyons couldn't provide. Because those sequences are a pivotal part of the story regarding Frankie and the mystery he has been pursuing throughout the picture, LaLoggia took more time than usual to find his location. After seven weeks of Lyons photography, where torrential thunderstorms just prior to filming gave the area an even more realistic pre-Halloween feeling, then moving west to shoot all of the movie's interiors at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood for an additional seven weeks, LaLoggia found his bluffs in Kauai, Hawaii.

"No other location we looked at gave us the access we needed to set up our cameras and equipment," says LaLoggia. "Those scenes had to be very dramatic, and luckily, Hawaii had exactly what we needed. We ended up shooting all of the background plates for bluescreen there."

The large white Victorian house used in the movie was shot in Middlesex, New York. It was the house that backed up to mine when I was little. I have pictures of the movie being shot with Lukas being filmed. I was probably 5 or 6 years old at the time. The house was always a very spooky place. Everyone said it was haunted. My cat was also in the film. He was the only cat that would stay on the set. Unfortunately his parts ended up on the cutting room floor! [Thanks to Justine]

David Williams kindly wrote in to add that the large white house that was used as Franky's house is in Lyons, NY... on Bishop Rd.

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