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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1987 Teen Drama movie starring Eric Stoltz, Lea Thompson, Mary Stuart Masterson More Cast

Locations Manager(s): Tony Bowers, Robin Citrin, Douglas E. Stoll

Some Kind Of Wonderful Filming Locations:

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Wanna see the real life filming location used for Keith's house in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at a private residence, located in Wilmington, S. California. Google Map

Amanda's house was filmed right around the corner at 1319 West E St., Wilmington, CA [Thanks to Dave Cox]

Watt's house was located at 1443 Emden St., Wilmington, CA. [Thanks to Dave Cox]

Hardy Jens house is located in the Hancock Park section of Los Angeles, more specifically: 516 Hudson Ave. [Thanks to Dave Cox]

In the final scene of the film when Keith and Watts kiss, a white house is visible behind Watts on the right. This house is 649 South Hudson Avenue, Hancock Park, CA. I think the camera must have been positioned around 643 South Hudson Avenue, pointed to the south. Due to that, Keith and Watts at the end walk together south (towards Wilshire Boulevard, away from Hardy Jens house and their car). And the same white house is visible one minute before: When Watts says 'The keys are in the car' and walks away from Keith and Amanda, the house can be seen in the background. So - since Keith and Amanda clearly stand in front of Hardy's house (it can be seen behind them) the shots of Watts and the shots of Keith and Amanda were made in totally different places! [Thanks to Uwe from Germany]

And funny: The distance between Hardy's house (516 South Hudson Avenue) and the white house (649 South Hudson Avenue) is just as long as Watts really could have walked in one minute (compare Google maps).
The mall used was 'The Brickwalk', 717 Deep Valley Dr., Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA. [Thanks to Dave Cox]

The restaurant they visit for the date was: L' Hermitage (now Koi Restaurant: 730 No. La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood, CA. [Thanks to Dave Cox]

The High school shots were filmed at San Pedro High School, 1001 W. 15th Street, San Pedro, CA. They filmed there in 1986 over summer break. Most of the extras were students at the time. The studio even had a private showing of the movie for the students at the Warran Grand. [Thanks to Cinamon]

The Hollywood Bowl was used for the scene during the date where they have their serious talk about how they were using one another.

The gas station scenes were filmed in Beverly Hills/West L.A. on Pico Blvd. Just a few blocks over from the intersection of Robertson and Pico. It is no longer a gas station and is now a mechanic shop.

The scene in the mall where the sister is hanging with her friends and overhears Marty discussing how he's going beat up Stolz at the party was filmed at Fred Segal in Santa Monica Ca. [Thanks to Julian]

Keith Nelsons residence in the movie is located at 1441 D street, Wilminton, about a 5 min walk from Amanda's house and probably the same from Watts house. He also mentions in the film that he lived at D street just under the bridge from Amanda's which is true. [Thanks to Steven Cole]

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