Some Kind Of Wonderful Bloopers & Goofs

Some Kind Of Wonderful Picture
Keith is an aspiring artist.
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1987 Teen Drama movie starring Eric Stoltz, Lea Thompson, Mary Stuart Masterson et al.
Contributed by: Carmen
In the scene in which Keith arrives home and first talks to his dad about college, his father says he wants Keith to be the first guy in the family who doesn't have to wash his hands after a day's work. Keith shows him his oily and dirty hand. Keith appears then to go upstairs directly to his room and his hands are completely clean. (did he swing by the bathroom to wash 'em?) :)
Contributed by: CS
In the scene where Keith confronts Hardy at his house - before he attacks Hardy, Eric Stoltz's hair is reddish brown, but after he attacks Hardy, it's darker brown.
Contributed by: Dyan
In the scene where Watt's "blesses herself" (sign of the cross), if you notice she uses the wrong hand. She uses her LEFT hand to make the sign of the cross, you always use your RIGHT hand. What? There wasn't even ONE Catholic in the entire Cast and Crew?
Contributed by: Julian
In the scene where Amanda and Hardy are getting gas and he closes the hood, he doesn't have the dipstick and then a second later he does and then throws it into the trash.
Contributed by: Calley Krull
After Keith and Amanda walk out of Hardy's house Keith un-tucks his shirt and when Keith and Amanda get to the driveway his shirt is tucked in again.
Contributed by: breadbin
When the sister is sat in the mall ear wiggin with friends, she is wearing a gillet. When the camera pans down to see her get off chair it's gone -then a second later its back!
Some Kind Of Wonderful