Some Kind Of Wonderful Soundtrack

Some Kind Of Wonderful Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

Some Kind Of Wonderful featured the following songs:

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Pete Shelley
Flesh For Lulu
Stephen Duffy
The Jesus And Mary Chain
The Apartments
The March Violets
The March Violets
Beat So Lonely
Catch my Fall
Miss Amanda Jones
Turn to the Sky (Razormaid Mix) this is the movie version
March Violets
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The 'way ahead of its time' soundtrack features artists like Jesus-and-the-Mary-Chain, and so many other cool 'pre-grunge' classics that John Hughes saw coming. It is brilliant pastiche of 'intelligent' 80's rock and pop. It includes the seminal track, used at several points in the movie, "(You must be out of your) Brilliant Mind" by Furniture amongst others by such artists as The Jesus And Mary Chain and Stephen Duffy.

As well as scoring the movie, many of the songs were written or produced by legendary producer Stephen Hague.

The opening track in the film, which doesn't appear on the sound track, is called 'Dr Mabuse' and is taken from the Album 'Secret Wish' By Propaganda, a German group. [Thanks to Andy Nicolson]

The movie version of "Turn to the Sky" is actually the Razormaid Mix [Thanks to Sean Knight]

The music that is playing during the entire Jenns party scene is an extended dance version Charlie Sexton's "Beat So Lonely". Neither this track nor Billy Idol's "Catch my Fall" appear on the motion picture soundtrack album. [Thanks to John McGovern]Update Us

Song Trivia

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The opening track in the film, which doesn't appear on the sound track, is called 'Abuse' and is taken from the Remix Album 'Wishful Thinking' By Propoganda, a German group.
Thanks to Erin
In the scene where Keith breaks the alarm, the music is from a Billy Idol song called "Catch My Fall" which is available on his "Rebel Yell" album.
Thanks to Anonymous
The song playing during the party scene is "Beats So Lonely" monster dub mix. Only available on a 45 from Japan. Really hard to find!

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Stephen Hague, John Musser

Some Kind Of Wonderful featured the following pieces of instrumental music:

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For The Right Reasons
Stephen Hague, John Musser
Private Showing
Stephen Hague, John Musser
Love Themes
Stephen Hague, John Musser
Hidden Love
Stephen Hague, John Musser
Mall Revelations
Stephen Hague, John Musser
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Stephen Hague, born 1960, is an iconic American pop producer, responsible for the sounds of British 80s bands like OMD, Pet Shop Boys and New Order. He would later go on to work with artists like Robbie Williams, Tom Jones and Blur

We'd like to know more about his cowriter on this score, John Musser. Anyone?Update Us

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