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In 2002 in Southern California, people started seeing many posters and pictures, posted all over the freeway overpasses and streets, of Ralph in Karate Kid. Everyone was wondering what this was all about... Was it a new fad or initiation of some sort? Ranging from San Bernardino County to Orange county and L.A.

Someone who worked with him on a show even questioned him about this "tagging", but he had no idea why this is being done either...

We can now exclusively reveal that it was the work of four guys as a tribute to Ralph. 'Jason Macchio' wrote in to say that:

"We have been doing it since 2001 as a way to make something out of nothing. There is no real reason we do it, but we have acheived a lot of recognitition from doing this. We had a website and even have a band dedicated to the man, Ralph Macchio."

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Karate Kid is one of the greatest unexpected movie hits of the 80's. On paper, the idea looks cliched and weak, but this is a case of the actors and filmmakers making movie magic against all the odds.

Former 'Rocky' director John G. Avildsen directed the Karate Kid on a tiny budget from an inspired story and script written by Robert Mark Kamen, who had previously made his debut with the military academy drama, Taps. The story, as I'm sure everyone knows, is of bullied teenager Daniel, played by Ralph Macchio overcoming his tormentors and becoming a man under the guidance of the wise, compassionate Okinawan Karate master Mr Miyagi, played to perfection by former stand-up comic Pat Morita. The main reasons that the movie is better than you'd expect is the brilliant script and superb acting by all concerned. This is one of the movies where you just could not imagine any other actors playing the lead roles.

The relationship between the boy and his Okinawan handyman teacher is truly one of the most engaging teacher-student relationships ever comitted to film. Even Daniel's relationship with his mom is one of the most realistic portrayals seen in a mainstream movie.

The 'rich-kid' bad boy set is convincingly lead by "Johnny" played by William "Billy" Zabka and includes Chad McQueen, son of acting hero Steve McQueen. Daniel's sweet romantic interest is played by former Burger King commercial star Elizabeth Shue.

*Tons more info on every aspect of this classic movie is available at our own award winning Karate Kid Site on the links page.


Truly a suprise, but a worthy, cult 80's movie.

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Strengths: Great characters and strong underdog wins against all odds story.

Weaknesses? Maybe a little too sentimental for a cynic's taste. Other than that.. nothing.

Our rating: 9.8 out of 10

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The Karate Kid