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The now famous "crane" technique.
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1984 Martial Arts movie starring Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita, Elisabeth Shue et al.
Contributed by: Arjun
The referee (Pat E. Johnson) in the final of the tournament is the Choreographer of the Karate Kid films. He is also in Enter the Dragon where he plays a gangster in John Saxon's flashback scene where he gets his ass whooped.
Contributed by: James Ivie
Pat Morita could also be seen in the 70's hit sitcom "Sanford and Son" as Lamont's friend, Ah-Chew.
Karate Kid shared the same director as "Rocky" -- John G. Avildsen.
One of modern Karate's founding fathers was actually called Sensei Miyagi.
Contributed by: Lisa Venezia
Pat Morita, who plays Mr Miyagi, was diagnosed with spinal tuberculosis and was told as a young child that he would never walk. He found the irony in that Karate Kid was called a great Cinderella story and that was his own Cinderella story. He also doesn't really have that Okinawan accent and personally, I think you can hear a bit of Arnold (Happy Days) when Daniel asks where the cars came from and Miyagi yells out "Detroit!".
Elizabeth Shue, who played Daniel's girlfriend, also starred as Marty McFly's girlfriend, Jennifer, in the second and third Back to the Future movies.
Contributed by: Lisa Venezia
Daniel's age can never be figured out. In the first movie, he gets his license, something that happens at age 16 in California, but he also graduates high school in the same year, something that I don't think happens anywhere near age 16. He goes to Okinawa for the summer and comes back in time to make part III and enter the same under 18 tournament. So we're supposed to believe that Daniel (who skips the first semester of college) is still 16? He wouldn't have had a birthday yet, since his birthday is right before the tournament in December. The only thing I can think of is that since he started out in New Jersey, where you have to be 17 to get your driver's license, he waited until his 17th birthday in California to get it... but then he'd be 18 and too old to fight in the under 18 tournament a second time in part 3.
Contributed by: Brendan Beach
Martin Kove (Sensei John Kreese) played a small role in "Rambo II" as one of Rambo's military 'friends' back at the base.
Contributed by: Eric Griffin
The Karate style Miyagi teaches was originally called simply "Te," and seems to have been brought to Okinawa from China ca. 400 years ago.

Each city had its own variation, so this was called Naha-te.

When the Okinawan dojos went to join the Japan Karate Association, they were required to adopt the white gi, the grading belt system and a distinctive name.

So far as I know, "crane technique" and the "drum technique" are fictional. I have never in my goju training ever encountered them. One is just a jumping front-kick; the other is just a series of roundhouse "tzuki" or punches. The statements that "best defence is not be there" and "don't know, never been attacked by tree" are exactly right.

I was always taught that real Karate is about NOT fighting, nor is it a sport. This is why there is no board-breaking, free sparring or fighting tournaments in Okinawan goju.

And, just as there was a split in the movie between Miyagi and his father's senior student, Sato, there was a real split between Miyagi Sensei's two senior students; Yagi sensei was awarded Miyagi's gi and belt; the other student went on to develop "shurikan" goju.
Contributed by: Robert Baum
Among the students of sensei John Kreese, "Dutch" ("points or no points, you're dead meat!") was portrayed by the son of the late Steve McQueen, Chad. Father and son at one time were students of a martial artist whom the elder McQueen suggested to try acting. The teacher was Chuck Norris.

Prior to that, Steve McQueen was an original student of the late, great Bruce Lee at his Oakland University Kwoon of Jeet Kune Do about the same time as fellow actor James Coburn and former LA Laker Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

BUT, mmafighterx wrote in to say that James Coburn, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Steve McQueen studied with Bruce Lee at his house in southern California. When Bruce Lee lived in Oakland, he lived with James Yimm Lee, at this point Bruce was not involved with any movie actors or acting.

Can anyone confirm?
Contributed by: John Edward Kilduff
In 2006, the American Film Institute did a list called "100 Years...100 Cheers". It was a salute to the 100 most inspirational movies of all time. "The Karate Kid" came in at number 98. Ralph Macchio was interviewed for the show, talking about this movie as well as several others, most notably "Field Of Dreams".
Contributed by: Janene_machine
William Zabka, who plays Johnny, leader of the Cobra Kai, had no previous martial arts training. He was, however, a skilled wrestler.
The top rental video of 1985.
The 500th picture to be recorded in Dolby Stereo.
Contributed by: C.T. Warren
Back in the 70's, Pat Morita had a recurring role on the sitcom M*A*S*H as Sam Pak, a South Korean surgeon who was friends with Hawkeye and Trapper. In the late 90's, he gave voice to the Emperor of China in Disney's animated hit "Mulan".
Elizabeth Shue, (Ali), also plays a hooker with a heart of gold opposite Nick Cage in "Leaving Las Vegas".
William Zabka, a.k.a. Johnny, also plays Chas, the elites fraternity scumbag from "Back to School"... "Melon, Buddy."
The martial art in this movie is Goju-Ryu.
Contributed by: James Kennedy
The scene where Miyagi gets drunk while thinking of his dead wife and baby doesn't at all match Miyagi's background story in Karate Kid II. The scene is sadly ironic because Pat Morita struggled with alcoholism for virtually his entire life. It eventually contributed to his death.
Contributed by: James Kennedy
Tony O'Dell plays Jimmy, one of the Cobra Kai bullies. O'Dell was later a regular on the TV sitcom 'Head of the Class' where he played Alan, an up-tight gifted student.
Ron Thomas aka Bobby Brown had more experience in the martial arts field than he let on. He admitted in an interview that he held back a lot at the karate tournament.
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