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The pop soundtrack was, in the past, quite rare on CD, having only ever been released in Australia in that format. The soundtrack doesn't contain one of the movies most popular songs, "Cruel Summer" by English 80's girl group, Bananarama. Having this song released in the movie, brought this group to life in North America.

The following song tracks were featured in The Karate Kid:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
Moment of Truth  -  Survivor(Bop Bop) On the Beach  -  The Flirts, Jan & DeanNo Shelter  -  Broken EdgeYoung Hearts  -  Commuter(It Takes) Two to Tango  -  Paul DavisTough Love  -  ShandiRhythm Man  -  St. RegisFeel the Night  -  Baxter RobertsonDesire  -  Gang Of FourYou're the Best  -  Joe EspositoCruel Summer  -  BananaramaThe Ride  -  The MatchesPlease Answer Me  -  Broken Edge
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Song Trivia For Karate Kid fans, the most 'legendary' unreleased song from the movie was featured in the beach fight scene.

The song, called "The Ride", by band 'The Matches', has finally been officially released in mp3 format, both individually and in the form of a 5 track EP.

It is a must have for any Karate Kid fan. Thanks for this should go to band member and song writer Geoffrey Rose, who has managed to get his music released! The other unreleased song by Broken Edge called "Please answer me" is so far not released, but it is rumoured to exist in some format!

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Score Music Composer(s): Bill Conti

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The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in The Karate Kid:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
Main TitleFite NiteBumpy RideDan Ducks OutBonsai TreeDecorate The GymMiyagi Rattles BonesMiyagi IntercedesOn To Miyagi’sThe PactTroubled LoversJapanese SanderPaint The FenceDaniel Sees The BirdFish & TrainTraining HardThe KissJapanese Hand ClapNo MercyDaniel’s Moment Of Truth
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