Adventures In Babysitting


After a sequel called "Further Adventures In Babysitting" failed to materialize in 2008, Disney have announced that a sort of remake of the original film will be released late 2016.

"Adventures In Babysitting" (2016) will see Jenny (Sabrina Carpenter) and Lola (Sofia Carson) as rival babysitters who team up after one of their kids sneaks out, leading them into an adventure throughout the city to find them.

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Adventures In Babysitting is a hilarious and excruciating reminder of why you should only ever get a babysitter who really cares about the kids in her charge.

Starring "Karate Kid" girlfriend Elisabeth Shue as babysitter 'Chris Parker', the movie is aimed at younger teenagers, but is entertaining for anyone.

It's a high-jinks comedy ride as the babysitter is forced to take the kids with her to central Chicago to rescue a friend in need and is sidetracked in just about every way imaginable.

Poor old Chris earns her babysitting money a thousand times over in this night.

This movie is an important piece of 80's culture. It is one of the movies that define the decade in terms of mood and style. Chris Columbus was one of the classic writer/directors of the 80's and his movies always have a very warm heart, which is the essence of mainstream 80's movie culture.


-Truly Excellent. A surprising number of people regard this as their favourite comedy from the 80's.

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Strengths: Great cast performance, story, tension and general 'sense of weirdness'.

Weaknesses? Sometimes just too much!

Our rating: 9.5 out of 10

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Adventures In Babysitting