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Featured Movie Location: The Blues Club
Wanna see the real life filming location used for The Blues Club in the movie? These scenes were actually shot at Fitzgerald's Nightclub, located in Berwyn, Illinois. [Google Map]

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[Thanks to Walter for the Fitzgerald's info]

When the gang is seen leaving the blues bar, the name of the bar can be read on the big neon sign outside, "The Silver Dollar". This is the once famous Silver Dollar Blues Bar in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Located at the corner of College St. and Spadina Ave, near chinatown. [Thanks to Dangerous Dan]

The building that they are supposed to climb around is called the "Stone Container" building in downtown Chicago. Other locations include North Michigan Avenue which is an upscale shopping district known as "the Magnificent Mile".

The Stone Container building's name is derived the from the name of the corporation that occupies the building. However, because of a merger of Stone Container with another company some years ago, it is now called the Smurfit-Stone building. It is located at 150 N. Michigan, and though at 41 stories it is not particularly tall by Chicago standards, it is distinctive because of its shape, which was used advantageously in the movie.

It is also interesting to know that in Chicago, there are many buildings that do not have official names other than their addresses, and other buildings, such as the Smurfit-Stone building that many people do not know the name of. In both these cases, people often give nicknames to the buildings. For obvious reasons, this building is often called the Adventures in Babysitting building. [Thanks to Carl]

At least some of the movie was filmed in and around Toronto --Even though the film is set in Chicago. Do the backrounds sometimes look painted? or is it me?

The bus station (allegedly Downtown Chicago) where the kids are supposed to pick up a Brenda was actually the old bus terminal in downtown Toronto. It was refurbished a couple years after the movie was made.

In the scene where the trucker pulls over to ask the babysitter & the kids if they need any help (because their station wagon is pulled over to the left side of the road with a blown tire), it is located at the Adams St. exit of I-90/94 South (Dan Ryan Expressway). You can tell because the sign in the background says "Jackson St. Exit", which is the next exit after Adams, and another sign reads "Chicago Loop Next Exit", which tells me that it was the southbound exit (otherwise it would be Chicago Loop, then Jackson). I have parked there, and it is definitely the place. There is an overpass right at the start of the exit where the trucker parked under. [Thanks to Ray]

The scene where the station wagon races past the parents car on the way home was shot at the beginning of I-290 (Eisenhower Expressway) heading west out of the Chicago Loop. [Thanks to Ray]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Illinois (or any other) filming locations used for Adventures In Babysitting, particularly Suburban family home etc? [Please send them in]

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