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Moment of peril...
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1987 Comedy movie starring Elisabeth Shue, Maia Brewton, Keith Coogan et al.
Contributed by: Joanne
Vincent D'Onofrio who plays mechanic Dawson (a.k.a Thor) also stars as detective Bobby Goran in Law and Order Criminal Intent and the bad guy in the film The Cell".
Contributed by: Nerida Wood
Adventures in Babysitting is sometimes known as "A Night On The Town" outside of the USA.
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Sara wears a backpack with a picture of 'Gizmo' on it. This is in reference to "Gremlins" which was written by Christopher Columbus (The Director).
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A young Penelope Ann Miller ("Kindergarten Cop", "The Shadow" etc) plays Chris's friend Brenda waiting at the station. This was only her 3rd appearance in anything and she was just 24 at the time. It wasn't until the 90's that she became a star.
Contributed by: Jen
Keith Coogan is the grandson of Jackie Coogan, child star of silent movies, including The Kid w/Charlie Chaplin. Jackie also played Uncle Fester in the original TV show The Addams Family.
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The babysitting crew sing the blues with Albert Collins, who is in real-life a great Blues singer.
Contributed by: Crystal
Anthony Rapp, who stars as the annoying "Daryl", is now best known for his originating role as Mark Cohen in the Broadway cast of "RENT". He can be heard on the soundtrack and has starred in movies with many other prolific actors. He is now a travelling speaker, visiting colleges and speaking about theater and lifestyles. His debut CD, "Look Around", is now available on PaiGow Records. [Thanks to Annie H.] He was also the nerd in "Dazed and Confused" who has the Abraham Lincoln dream (the first time I figured that out I flipped)
Contributed by: Guy Trussell
Anthony Rapp had another "annoying character" role in the movie "Road Trip" with Tom Green. He also had a small role in the Oscar winning movie "A Beautiful Mind" with Russell Crowe. He is not annoying in this role, but Jennifer Connelly's "Alecia Nash" smacks him anyway! [Thanks to Jennifer Conant] In fact, if you can remember, one of Daryl's famous lines in Adventures in Babysitting was in fact: "Road Trip?" early on in the film, just before they go into the city. I m not sure if its trivia, or even if you noticed it, but I found it quite spooky.
Contributed by: Crystal
The bad boyfriend who is "so cool" is Josh from the west wing. He always plays a jerk!
Contributed by: Rodney Powell
Bradley Whitford, who plays Elizabeth Shue's boyfriend, Mike, is married to Jane Kaczmarek and currently stars on "The West Wing"
Contributed by: Dave Crump
The drunk girl that Anthony Rapp's character (Darryl) makes out with at the college party is Lolita Davidovich. She went on to play the role of stripper Blaze Starr in "Blaze" (1989) with Paul Newman.
Contributed by: Cara
Maia Brewton was later the little sister Shelley on the TV show "Parker Lewis Can't Lose".
Contributed by: Juan
Elizabeth Shue's brother, Andrew (melrose place) is an extra at the frat party shown in the later part of the movie. He's one of the guys at the bar, laughing at Daryl (Anthony Rapp).
Contributed by: Rodney Powell
This movie served as the basis for a 1989 CBS unsold pilot starring Jennifer Guthrie and Brian Austin Green and a young Joey Lawrence.
Contributed by: Ashley
One of the movie's producers is Debra Hill who teamed up with John Carpenter to make Halloween, a horror movie about murdered babysitters! Listen carefully when Sara and Kris watch TV, the music you can hear is John Carpenter's chilling Halloween theme. A spooky and twisted in-joke!
Contributed by: Alexander Sanchez
The mechanic Dawson ('Thor') played by Vincent Phillip D'Onofrio also played Bill in 'Mystic Pizza'.[Thanks to Sarah Wallis] He also portrayed Edgar (the alien) in Men in Black. [Thanks to Diana Pure] He is also in Full Metal Jacket.
Contributed by: JW Tindall
Clark Johnson, "Meldric" on the TV series "Homicide: Life on the Streets", played the leader of the "Red" gang on the subway; D'Onofrio was also a guest star on "Homicide".
Contributed by: Amy Green
Actress Raven-Symone of The Disney Channel's sitcom, "That's So Raven", has signed on to play Chris Parker in a remake of the film, to be co-produced by Debra Hill & Lynda Obst. Also, actor Anthony Rapp (of Broadway's "Rent" fame) has recently published his autobiography.
Contributed by: Rich Hudson
This film was also known as "Adventures In Babysitting" in the UK as well as the USA when it was available for rental. When it was broadcast on UK terrestrial TV, the title was changed to "A Night On The Town".
Contributed by: Mark Stone
Elisabeth had a "crush" and used to date the bass player from "Get Out 'N Push", whose music can be heard at the end of the movie
Contributed by: Mary O'Neal
The Coogan Act, a law founded and named after child star Jackie Coogan, prevented long working hours for kids under 19. I read it in a teen mag back in the late 80's but the fact stuck with me, whenever Keith Coogan was mentioned, so was his relation to Jackie Coogan and the info about the Coogan Act.
Contributed by: LoverswithCassie
"Adventures in Babysitting" was Elisabeth Shue's first lead role in a film.
Contributed by: Ashley
"Dan", the guy who Chris hooks up with at the frat party and ends up rescuing them all is George Newbern who was in "Father of the Bride" and "Part 2" as the man Kimberly Williams marries. He also guest starred on Friends where he hooked up with "Rachel".
Contributed by: LoverswithCassie
Screenwriter David Simkins makes an uncredited appearence as a Frat Boy with Playboy.
Contributed by: Christine
George Newbern and Elisabeth Shue also stared together in a made-for-tv Disney movie of the week titled "Double Switch" in 1987. She plays his girlfriend.
Contributed by: John Edward Kilduff
In a very unofficial poll I held on the Home Theater Forum, Elisabeth Shue was voted the best-looking woman of the 1980s, narrowly beating Nastassja Kinski (Klaus Kinski's daughter).
Contributed by: Lori Watt
John Cusack can be seen dancing at the college party that the main characters crash to allow Sara to use the bathroom.
Contributed by: Joe
Lolita Davidovich was also in "Leap of Faith" and "Hollywood Homicide", she plays the drunk college girl at the frat party. She's credited as Lolita David.
Contributed by: Skip
The movie poster for this film features Elizabeth Shu's character wearing a dress. The odd thing is, at no point in this film does she a wear a dress while they're out on the town for their "Adventure."

M.D.S. writes in to update: "Chris Parker" was getting dressed in the "dress" for her date with "Mike Todwell" in the opening scenes when the song "Then He kissed me" was playing. Granted she didn't wear it for the whole movie just a minute or so...
Contributed by: Dreamer012778
Anthony Rapp who played "Daryl" can also be seen in the small role of Tony in the movie "Twister".
Contributed by: Micheala Loves 80s
Keith Coogan starred in a great nineties movie called Toy Soldiers, along with Sean Astin, who played Mikey in The Goonies, and with Wil Wheaton, who played Gordy in Stand By Me. Coogan, the lucky thing, also starred with Dance Til Dawn's Christina Applegate in the nineties film "Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead"!
Contributed by: Lovers with Cass
Richard Rebiere and Linda Sorensen were also previously in the 1985 Canadian drama "Heavenly Bodies."
Contributed by: Lois
Keith Coogan also had a great role in "COUSINS". He played the son of Ted Danson and grandson of Lloyd Bridges, it's another movie I've enjoyed many many times.
Contributed by: Erin
George Newman, (Dan) also plays Julia Sugarbaker's son on the long run sitcom, "Designing Woman".
Contributed by: Dreamer012778
George Newbern also starred in another 80's comedy film titled It Takes Two.
Contributed by: Dreamer012778
Maia Brewton, the little girl who plays Sarah was also seen in a very small role in Back to the Future. She played Lorraine Bates (Marty's mother) little sister. You can see her after Marty goes back in time and is eating dinner with the family.
Contributed by: Dreamer012778
Vincent D'Onofrio also starred in the 80's flick, Mystic Pizza, he played the boyfriend of JoJo (Lili Taylor).
Incorrect Trivia
What follows are trivia items we now believe are bogus. Some of them will have explanations, some will not. We just leave 'em in for interest, really.
I was just wondering if anyone else noticed that it appears to be morning when Mike comes to pick up/cancel the date with Chris, also later, when Chris arrives at the Anderson's, the kids are eating cereal. If that's the case the parents would be partying for about 11hrs as, when they left, they said they would be home at 1am and Chris and Mike's date would be a little early?

It actually seems just a typical overcast winter day. And people eat cereal all the time, not just for breakfast. And Brad was making popcorn / mac and cheese.
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