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favorite movie quotes and links to other good sites for the 1987 Comedy movie starring Elisabeth Shue, Maia Brewton, Keith Coogan et al.
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The most memorable lines from Adventures In Babysitting.
Contributed by: Alikitty
"Don't f**k with the Babysitter."
Contributed by: Troit Burke
"Take him to the Hospitaaallllll"
Contributed by: SisterChristian
Brenda: Wait! I'm starving, you'd rather throw it away than give it to me?

Hot Dog Vendor: I work on a cash-only basis.

Brenda: But it's a perfectly good check!

Hot Dog Vendor: No! I'll make it very clear. You slip me the cash, and I'll slip you the wiener.

Brenda: But I don't have any cash!

Hot Dog Vendor: Then I don't have a wiener!
Contributed by: Valley
"Nobody leaves this place without singing the blues!"
Contributed by: Nicole Martineson
"Get in the car and run him over"
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