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Film facts for the 1985 Action / Adventure movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rae Dawn Chong, Vernon Wells More Cast

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Thanks to Jon Deal
Towards the end of the movie, when Arnold is in the potting shed licking his wounds, shortly before killing a small team of soldiers with garden implements, it is said that in the original shot, when he chopped the guys arm off, he was supposed to beat him with it too. However, this was deemed to be too macabre and was subsequently cut from the final version.

Mark Skelton kindly adds: The rumour that Arnold beats a man with his severed arm but was cut from the finished product is just a rumour. The director says on the commentary that it was an idea of Arnolds but was rejected. The scene was never filmed.
Thanks to James Froelich
Bob Minor who played one of the soldiers chosen to guard Matrix and Jenny towards the beginning of the film is a well-respected stunt coordinator, he also appears in the film "Action Jackson" (1988).
Thanks to Gunter
Bill Paxton, who very briefly plays a military air traffic controller would go on to play a substantially bigger role with Arnie in "True Lies" (1994).

Bill and Arnold were also in the first "Terminator" together. They were in the scene where the Terminator runs into the street punks at the Griffith Park Observatory, the Terminator then demands the punk's clothes, gets stabbed by one of the protesting punks, rips that one's heart out and then is quickly offered clothes by Bill Paxton's character.
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Vernon Wells had made his screen debut as a Mohawk in "The Road Warrior" opposite Mel Gibson. He had then almost reprised this role in a short appearance in "Weird Science".
Thanks to Max
Benicio Del Toro shows up as an extra, playing one of the dictator's commandos in the scene where Matrix infiltrates their offices, immediately prior to stealing the plane.
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When Matrix and Cindy crash their car into a telegraph pole while chasing Sully, two objects appear to fly out of the car on impact.
Thanks to C.T. Warren
If one thinks about it, quite a few similarities to Commando can be seen in the 2009 thriller "Taken".

In it, hunters for the Algerian sex trade abduct the daughter of decidedly the wrong man, an ex-CIA operative played by Liam Neeson (Sound familiar?). The daughters in both movies are ultimately nabbed when they are hiding under a bed.

"Taken" has no real counterpart for Cindy, but there is a particularly satisfying scene similar to the 'letting go' of Sully: Neeson's character uses an electrocution device to get intel out of one kidnapper, then exits the building with the switch on, leaving the scumbag to fry.

Another father who will stop at nothing to save his little girl?

To director Pierre Morel and Liam, those of us who miss Governor Arnold in the movies would like to say, "Thank you!".
Thanks to Greg
When the character Solly runs his car into Arnold in the mall parking garage, it looks like Arnold's wallet comes out of his pocket and lands on the ground , only to be seen later when Arnold takes out his wallet to show Rae Dawn Chong a picture of his daughter (Alyssa Milano). The truth is, he did not lose his wallet. When he was hit by the Porsche, he knocks off the side view mirror.
Thanks to Robert Baum
"Commando" co-stars Bill Duke, Daniel Patrick Kelly, and Arnold Schwarzenegger have worked with Joel Silver on a few films. Duke would go on to co-star with Schwarzenegger in the Silver production "Predator" (1987) and "Action Jackson"(1989). Kelly co-starred in Silver's early producing effort "The Warriors"(1979), "48 HRS" (1982), and "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane" (1990).
Thanks to Jonathan Lim
This was the first major film for 12-year old Alyssa Milano. It came about one year after the first episode of "Who's the Boss?" You'll see her later in the 80s in "Dance 'til Dawn"
Thanks to Phantom Planet
Alyssa Milano went on to star in the supernatural action/drama series, Charmed. In it she portrays 'Phoebe Halliwell', one of a trio of sisters who discover that they are, in fact, powerful witches.
Thanks to Dustin, Randy And Nelly
Look out for a small role played by Bill Paxton, as a flight controller warning Arnie and Rae to change course. This was not the first role he appeared alongside Arnie, as he is actually one of the punks that Arnold steals clothes from in the beginning of "The Terminator"...
Thanks to Craig
In the scene right after Arnold drops Sully off the cliff, you will see enormous damage to the side of Sully's yellow convertible after Arnold shoves it back on its four wheels. However, by the time they cut back to Arnold driving off, the car is in mint condition!! Whoops!
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Arnie in the military factory - he pulls a chain apart on the gate to gain entrance - a solid steel chain!! then uses a stuntman to climb a little wall (look close) he enters a very busy warehouse full of badguys and just crawls along the floor under tanks, jeeps and such and NOBODY sees him even though it's obvious he's right there. The quy he knocks out before the map room is Bobby Sixkiller from the tv show Renegade 1990s-!!!! and boy does he have a mullet!
Thanks to Dara Molloy-Irish
At the very end of the film when he carries Jennie to the plane- Jennie runs to Cindy (Arnie's partner) and embraces her as though its her new mom or something.

Wait a sec ,she's never even met her, doesn't know who she is, but they just hug each other. Stupid? I don't think so. After all, Jennie is smart enough to realize that Cindy helped her Dad rescue her!
Thanks to Patrick Todd
In the trailer for Commando, Sully makes an entirely different scream from that in the movie. (In the shot when Matrix drops Sully off the cliff, as you see the dummy fall.) I guess the editors realized the original scream was a much too ridiculous "ooh-loo-low-low", so they dubbed over a much more appropriate "argh" for the trailer. Also, Sully has his own special gesture for waving. Sully, more than once in the film, will wave with his thumb closed against his index finger, but with the rest of the fingers apart, a rather unnatural position for waving. David Patrick Kelley did the same wave with bottles in his hand in the film "The warriors"
Thanks to Robert Baum
Val verde, the fictional locale where Schwarzenegger is dispatched to terminate it's leader, is a locale mentioned in another Silver production, "Die Hard II." In the 1990 release, a strongman from that country, a rather subtle reference to Manuel Noriega, named Ramon Espararanza (Franco Nero) is spirited away to the USA.
Thanks to Robert Baum
One of the flight attendants is portrayed by Chelsea Field, who would later have a more prominent role in another Silver actioner, "The Last Boy Scout" in 1991.
Thanks to Tim Briggs
In the motel room fight scene, Arnold and the "green beret" crash through the motel wall and into the next room, where a couple is in bed. The buxom woman is none other than Ava Cadell - now Dr. Ava Cadell, renowned therapist and author of five books!! She has since made many appearances on talk shows and been in lots of low-budget films.
Thanks to Patrik Ortner
At that time Commando was banned in Sweden. Later they released it with 15 minutes cut off.

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