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Weird Science

It's all in the name of science. Weird science.
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Only the special "headgear" makes it all possible...


Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Kelly LeBrock, Bill Paxton


Look for John Kapelos making a cameo appearance!

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In the early nineties, a television version of "Weird Science" was made. It was aired on USA and starred Vanessa Angel as Lisa.

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Gary and Wyatt are on the edge of American High School Life. In fact they are so far on the edge, they are desperately clinging on by their fingertips, trying anything to fit in, do well at their studies, make friends.... Naah, it's really only their aim to meet girls and get laid, same as all the rest.

They just aren't any good at it. Add to this Wyatt's retentive, blackmailing, would be GI Joe brother Chet (an early role for 80's stalwart, Bill Paxton), who makes both their lives a real misery and you get two pretty frustrated boys.

In desperation, they come up with a really wild, kooky idea whilst watching Frankenstein one night during a sleepover weekend - they can't get the perfect woman, so why not create one?

Using images from magazines cut out and scanned in (and some strange ritual involving some jump-leads and a barbie doll) the computer allows them to design her on screen, but some strange athmospheric conditions, a power surge and some strobe lighting later, there she is.... Lisa (the luscious Kelly LeBrock). Gym gear, bare midriff, legs from here to la-la, she's perfect and she's theirs.

She also seems to have some amazing powers over everybody else, so that suddenly the boys are popular, they are driving Ferrari's and throwing the best parties you could ever want to attend.

They even manage to get the girls (the usual way - save the life of a beautiful girl by rescuing her from a crazed gang of biker zombies and she'll fall for you. Works every time.)

On the way to the cutesy finale, Lisa helps them deal with Chet, put away Ian and Max, their two main tormentors at school, find a way to keep the girls after everything is finished and set them up for a much better life than they ever dreamed. Then she's away... but to where?

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This is another great example of John Hughes' work, doing what he does best - creating movies about teenagers, for teenagers.

Hall and Mitchell-Smith are thoroughly believable as the nerds from the valley. Bill Paxton is suitably obnoxious and slimy as Chet, who really needs a slap all the way through the movie. Robert Downey Jr. does pretty well as the guy you want to fall down from his high perch and fall he does.

But Kelly LeBrock. Oooooohhhh, Kelly. This movie and Woman In Red really set her up as the temptress and sadly she never really delivered again. So watch this movie and you'll see what we all missed after the eighties!

Kelly LeBrock - and the fact that we all really wanted to do this, right guys?
Totally, totally not possible..... right?

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Key Crew

Director: John Hughes
Writer: John Hughes
Producers: Joel Silver, Jane Vickerilla
Locations Manager: Billy Higgins

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Release Date: 02 Aug 1985
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Studio: Universal Studios
Production: Universal Pictures
Genre: Comedy

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