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Film facts for the 1985 Comedy movie starring Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Kelly LeBrock, Bill Paxton

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Anthony Michael Hall (Gary) also played John in hit tv show, The Dead Zone.
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When the guys are making Lisa and everything goes wrong, they show a 'Welcome To Shermer, Illinos' sign. This is also the fictional setting of the movie "The Breakfast Club", which also starred Anthony Micheal Hall and John Hughes also wrote and directed. After all, Shermer, Il. is actually not a real place!
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*Technically* Shermer, IL does not exist. However, what many people do not know is that near Northbrook, IL (where many of John Hughes movies were filmed) there is a town called Shermerville. Thus, John Hughes use of the town Shermer, IL in many of his movies is not entirely fictitious.
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Suzanne Snyder also played "Eva" the Nazi who picked up Jerry and George in a limo on "Seinfeld".

In another Seinfeld episode Audrie (Suzanne Snyder) played Poppies daughter who would not take a bite of Jerry's apple pie.
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Which Weird Science star appears in "The Dark Knight" as the reporter who has to interview Colin Reese - and ultimately, the Joker?? -It's none other than our own Gary (Anthony Michael Hall)!
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When Max and Ian follow Lisa out of the mall, they slap a group of kids, one of whom is Darren Harris, who played Cliff, one of Anthony Michael Hall's geeky sidekicks, in "Sixteen Candles".
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The wild mohawk warrior who gatecrashes the party is another 80's stalwart, Vernon Wells, from "Commando" and "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior".
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The scene where the bikers crash the party also includes Michael Berryman who was a big horror film star in the 80s'. One of his more scary performances was in the film 'The Hills Have Eyes' directed by Wes Craven ("Nightmare on Elm St." and "Last House on the Left").
Thanks to Stephanie
Judie Aronson (Hilly) made her 1st appearance on the big screen as 'Samantha' in "Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter" & played a reporter in 2001's "Hannibal". Her TV guest appearances include: Simon & Simon, Mr. Belvedere, Full House, Charles in Charge, Growing Pains, Beverly Hills 90210, Life Goes On, Silk Stalkings, JAG & Law & Order.
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Ilan Mitchell-Smith (Wyatt) is now a high level graduate assistant in the English Department of Texas A&M University, His speciality is medieval chivalry.
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In the Jay and Silent Bob movies, they constantly make references to John Hughes movies, including Weird Science and the shower scene. In 'Dogma' they even refer to making a trip to Shermer, IL, only to find it doesn't exist.
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When the guys go out with Lisa after they first meet her, one of the guys sitting with them in the bar at the table (John Kapelos) also played Carl the janitor in the movie "The Breakfast Club" and Rudy the BoHunk that Molly Ringwald's older sister was getting married to in the movie "Sixteen Candles".
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Robert Downey Jr. has appeared in two movies in the 80's that featured Oingo Boingo music. The theme "to Wierd Science" and the party and theme to "Back To School".
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Two members of the Weird Science cast also starred in 80's ninja flick, American Ninja. Steve James (Big dude who puts his arm around Gary when he is asked to take his first drink in the bar) was Jackson in that film and Judie Aronson (Wyatts girlfriend at the end) was Michael Dudikoff's girlfriend in "ninja" also.
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Demi Moore and Robin Wright Penn both auditioned for the part of Lisa

Also, Kelly Emberg (Rod Stewart's girlfriend at the time) originally had the part of Lisa and shot scenes before being replaced.
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Deb (Suzanne Snyder) also starred in Killer Klowns From Outer Space.
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The Bald Guy henchman (Michael Berryman) that crashes the party with the bikers mentions to Gary & Wyatt when they are leaving that he would be grateful if they could not tell anyone about this so he wouldn't lose his teaching job. This probably refers to the fact that he also played the principal in the 1985 Motley Crue video "Smokin' in the Boys Room".
Thanks to Andrea Banner
The actress who plays Deb (Suzanne Snyder) appears in the movie "Fools Rush In" with Matthew Perry and Selma Hayek.
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Kelly LeBrock's character name was inspired by Apple Computer's first GUI computer, the Apple Lisa.
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Suzanne Synder (Deb) also starred in "Fools Rush In" (1997) as the childhood friend of Matthew Perry (Alex).
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Kelly LeBrock appeared in the 2007 british reality cooking show Hell's Kitchen.
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When Lisa is sitting on the couch having her picture taken with all the "geeks," the geek sitting to her right, to whom she says, "I'll be right back, Arthur," and he says, "it's 'Art,'" is none other than Wallace Langham, who plays lab nerd, David Hodges, on the hit TV show, CSI. Langham was going by the acting name of Wally Ward at the time.

He went on to play Mark Ratner in the EXTREMELY short-lived series, Fast Times, based on the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
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During the big party scene the boys are in the bathroom talking. If you look closely at the shot where Wyatt is sitting on the closed toilet seat, you can see a magazine on top of the toilet tank in the background. It's a Penthouse issue (November 1984) containing nude photos of Vanessa Williams (actress, singer & former Miss America).
Thanks to Billtaso
Gary's father (Britt Leach) also famously portrayed the strict music manager for Davey Jones from the group The Monkeys in the Brady Bunch episode when Marcia was trying to get Davey Jones to play her school dance.

He is the one who kicked her out of the recording studio (season three, episode 12) this was ranked number 37 on TV Guide's 100 Greatest Episodes of All-Time.

Bogus Trivia

There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby".

But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "Weird Science".
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