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Teenage life has never been darker.. Or funnier...
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Even the suicide attempts are doomed to failure.


"Er, someone wasn't on top of their game that day..."
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1985 Comedy movie starring John Cusack, David Ogden Stiers, Kim Darby, Demian Slade

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Thanks to Ideaman
I have seen this movie about 500 times. I have always wondered, Lane runs into the same guy TWICE with his car, who ends up being the pig burger owner. So when Lane goes to work for him, wouldn't he have recognized Lane from hitting the truck with the car?

AND on the date with Monique, How does Lane still have the keys to the pig burger place. Didn't he get fired by the owner?

If you notice when Lane parks at the school after racing the brothers and ending up in the water, he parks in a no parking zone (red curb) at school.

And some questions. If the paperboy wanted his 2 dollars, why didn't he just come back and ask the parents. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Lane who got the paper.

Wondering about some Info I have never figured out...
Where was the town they lived in supposedly located? What time of the year was it filmed?
Do lemons grow on trees in the winter time? Even in So Cali??
I don't think so because I used to live there.
Rewind Archive
In one of the ski sequences, Stalin comes down K-12 in bright sun. When he gets to the bottom, it's overcast and snowing.
Thanks to Henry Bradley
During one of the ski scenes Lane is wearing both a jacket and a vest during the same run down the hill.
Rewind Archive
At the end of the movie, when Lane is fighting Ricky with ski poles, he throws one down to fight. When he wins, he leaves without them.
Thanks to Sam
As Lane drives off in the Camaro with Monique he does not have his skis. Later you see the skis on the ski rack as they pan back from the Dodger stadium shot. Also in the shot you see the paper boy's bicycle tracks in the infield. They obviously shot that scene or practised it several times since there are about 6-7 tracks visible in the grass and infield.
Thanks to Michael Burr
When Lane comes out of the house and Monique is working on his car, several major engine parts can be seen before she starts it. Alternator, water pump, and distributor, all of which are needed for the car to run!
Thanks to Phil Catalfamo
The "No Parking" sign that Monique is throwing lemons at should be facing the other direction. She should be hitting the sign from the back, not the front.
Rewind Archive
When Lane Myer is in the bathroom getting ready for his date with Joanne Greenwald, (the girl with the big antenna on her face), you can see TWO!! Spray streams of deodorant. Lane starts spraying his left underarm, but then notice that another stream of deodorant starts from the lower right side of the screen. He also drops his arm slightly making the other stream of deodorant more noticeable.
Thanks to Samantha Ingolia
when Monique and Lane go "back to basics" at the end of the movie, you can see the skis of the camera man, his powder trail and his shadow.
Thanks to Al
When Lane and Roy race at the end, they have a staggered start and the cronies with the stopwatches time Lane and Roy individually. However, at the end of the race Roy finishes a split second after Lane. If Roy was quicker down the K-12, in theory didn't he win, thus nullifying the whole movie?
Thanks to Bellyache Jr.
When Lane explains to Monique the history of the chinese brothers with whom he races. In preperation for the race one of the brother's girlfriends puts her helmet on backwards.
Thanks to Kev
After Lane discovers his binding is broken, he skis off down the hill being chased by the paperboy, but somehow miraculously ends up at the summit, also being chased by the paperboy. Did they magically ski uphill?????
Thanks to shannon
The lead singer of the band performing at the school dance appears to be wearing a different outfit for the second song even though there is no break between songs. You only see her as they are leaving the gym but it looks to me like a different dress
Thanks to Isabella
When Ricky Smith opens his nasal spray he drops the cap then he snorts it and drops the cap again.
Thanks to TerdNthePoolGGB
The green raisin dish Lane's mom makes is spooned out onto Lane's plate. Through several shots after, the green raisin stuff is flat as a pancake on his plate. Just before the raisin stuff crawls off his plate, it is a LARGE pile.

Bogus Blunders

Sometimes an apparent goof is not a real mistake

But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "Better Off Dead".
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