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Lucy Gutteridge stars as "Hillary Flammond"
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1984 Comedy movie starring Val Kilmer, Lucy Gutteridge, Jeremy Kemp et al.
Contributed by: Ian Gordon
The German bike messenger reigns up his motorbike like a horse. When he later removes his helmet, the straps remain attached to his face!
There are a whole series of fake credits, including:

Worst Boy ........... Adolph Hitler
The Third Man ....... Guido Reidy
Focus Loader ........ Jack Williams
Focus Puller ........ Tony Strachan
Clapper Loader ...... John Fletcher
Clapper Puller ...... Tom Brown
Puller Clapper ...... Joe Taylor
Clapper Clapper ..... Edward Davis
Flipper Flapper ..... Jane Thomas
Haberdasher ........ Helen Roberts
Hey Diddle Diddle ... The Cat And The Fiddle
Foreez .............. A Jolly Good Fellow
Contributed by: Louis Martinez
Michael Gough was "Alfred" in "Batman Forever" which also starred Val Kilmer as "The Caped Crusader".
Top Secret was Val Kilmer's first film.
Contributed by: LoverswithCassie
Directors/producers/scriptwriters Jim Abrahams, David and Jerry Zucker all turn up unbilled as German soldiers in the prop room.
Halfway into the credits, Val Kilmer & the background singers literally stand up into the frame to continue singing the song playing to the credits.
The "German" that Nick learns in the train is not a language at all. Words like "Vlichtmitten", "Blitzen" or "Flachmatuche" are great fun for German listeners, but have no proper meaning. In the German-dubbed version, Val Kilmer learns a German dialect mainly spoken in the former GDR.
The black conductor calling for tickets in ostensible German is actually reciting the old Yiddish saying, "May you grow like an onion, with the head in the ground."
As Nick and the priest are being led to the electric chair, the priest says an incantation in Pig Latin: i"Ou-yay are-yay oing-gay o-tay y-fray in the air-chay, which translates to "You are going to fry in the chair".
After receiving an order, one of the German officers replies with, "Ich liebe Dich, mein Schatz," which translates to "I love you, my treasure."
The hotel in which the dance is held is called "Gei Schluffen." In Yiddish this means "go to sleep."
Contributed by: Slvia Mendoza
The scene in which the members of the French Underground Resistence are entering the prison is a mockery of the film "The Dirty Dozen".
Contributed by: Martin
The scene where the truck barely touches a parked car's rear bumper and they both explode is allegedly a jibe at the Ford Motor Company, whose Ford Pinto was known to set on fire after only parking bumps, due to a design error.
Contributed by: Mark Lassman
In the Hotel "Gei Schluffen", where Nick Rivers meets Hillary for the first time there is a point at which the waiter approaches the couple at the table. I believe he's handing them each a menu as he says to Nick:"Gei Kahken Ahfen Yahm". This is a Yiddish expression which translates literally as "Go Sh*t In The Ocean". My friend and I were the only two people in the theatre who burst out laughing when that line was spoken. People around us didn't understand what was so funny.
Contributed by: Bea Andrews
Right at the very end when Hillary is saying goodbye to everyone she says "And I'll miss you most of all Scarecrow" and hugs a Scarecrow, which has been taken from The Wizard Of Oz.
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