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Many of the indoor scenes in the movie were filmed at a theatre in Slough, England. The theatre (The Fulcrum) is now a multi-screen cinema complex, situated right in the middle of town. The Fulcrum Theatre was also used for the concert scenes. [Thanks to Martin/Colette Sleat]

The 'California' surfing scene in Top Secret! was shot at Saunton Sands in Devon, England. [Thanks to Martin]

The surf scene at the start of the film was filmed at a place called Holywell Bay on the north Cornwall coast just west of Newquay. If you go there you will instantly recognise the two small steep islands out at sea (the sun sets behind them in the film) and the long line of cliffs to the east and dunes to the rear of the beach. The palm trees were added for the film. I think the desert island scenes were filmed here as well, but am not 100ure as I haven't seen the film for a while. [Thanks to Andrew Clements]

The scene near the end when the star fights the Germans at a castle and the Cows have Boots on was filmed at Rockingham Castle in my home town of Corby in Northamptonshire, England. [Thanks to Rik Cowan]

The scene near the end when the star fights the Germans at a castle and the Cows have Boots on was filmed in my home town of Corby in Northamptonshire..England.. Rockingham Castle was the location and cars could be seen going down Rockingham hill in the movie. [Thanks to RIK]

The restaurant at the Hotel Gey Schluffen (also called Cafe Gey Schluffen) was filmed in the London Waldorf Hotel Palm Court Restaurant that had just reopened after three months of complete renovation. The chandeliers hang from the spectacular glass ceiling and really can be raised up and lowered down to set the mood although they are not normally tied together as shown in the film. Tea dances still take place in the Palm Court but if you have to ask 'how much?' then you probably can't afford it! [Thanks to Deak Brenan]

Can you help? Do you know any of the London, UK filming locations used for Top Secret!? [Please send them in]

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