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Yes, that *is* River Pheonix !!!
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1985 Family movie starring Ethan Hawke, River Phoenix, Bobby Fite et al.
Contributed by: logan5
This is an excerpt of an internet interview with Director Joe Dante from many years ago. This part concerns Explorers specifically:

JD: People are always asking me about Explorers, but Explorers was never finished so I doubt that I'll be able to go back and do any kind of a reconstruction. It was the rough cut. We never finished the movie. They moved up the release date and said, "Okay, you're finished." We had never even had a preview, so it was very much a work in progress. I would do many things differently if I had the opportunity, but I have a feeling that considering its megaflop status that it's not going to be a picture they're going to want to revisit any time soon.

Q: Doesn't the loyal following warrant such a restoration?

JD: It's encouraging. I used to run into people all the time who said that they loved it which is nice because I don't know where they were on opening day. It opened the day of the Live Aid concert which was a marketing coup that has yet to be duplicated.

Q: What would have been different?

JD: Well, just about everything. This movie started without a completed script also. There was really no third act so a lot of it was sort of improvised. We shot a lot of footage. We had probably a three hour, 15 minute rough cut and the choice of what goes in and what comes out makes one kind of a movie versus another kind of a movie. There was a lot of spiritual kind of stuff in the movie that didn't make it in at all. The ending is the ending that it is because there were no completed effects shots so we just sort of had to stop. We had to re-loop things to cover up things that didn't match anymore because it was cut short, and it's just a mess. It's just a movie that looks like it didn't have a director. There's a big scene under a tree where they talk about something completely different than what they said on the day because we looped it with all different dialogue to give the picture any kind of sense of closure at all.

Q: That would be a fascinating DVD.

JD: It would be, but the problem is I don't think that footage exists anymore. Movies that aren't big moneymakers, the B negative and stuff tends to go south and end up under freeways and things.
Contributed by: logan5
According to box-office site 'The Numbers' Explorers grossed $9,873,000 at the box-office. It entered the top ten at # 6, before falling to # 9 the following week. It was released 1 week after the smash hit 'Back to the Future', the same weekend as 'Live Aid'.
Contributed by: Phatpants
Actress Christa Denton has a small, non-speaking role in "Explorers" as one of Lori's school friends, she also appeared in "The Gate" (1987) with Stephen Dorff.
Contributed by: chimpanshane
The "They're... Here" line was a homage to "Poltergeist".
Contributed by: Mike Taylor
In the scene when the helicopter co-pilot gets out of the helicopter and gets a copy of the Davanna County Gazette, there is a headline on the front page that says "Kingston Falls "riot" still unexplained."

Kingston Falls refers to the town where Gremlins took place and the "riot" must have been when all the evil gremlins caused trouble!
Contributed by: Dan Cook
Eric Luke, who wrote the screenplay for this movie, was given a small walk-on part playing the role of Darren Woods' schoolteacher. Eric Luke now writes the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.
Contributed by: Christopher F Smith
Robert Picardo played Starkiller and also Wak in the movie. He is better known for his role in Star Trek Voyager as the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH)
Contributed by: Melissa Ferneau
Amanda Peterson in this movie is also one of the orphans in the movie "Annie". She plays in several scenes singing and dancing.
Contributed by: Dominic
According to THE GOONIES DVD commentary, Sean Astin turned down an opportunity to read for one of the three boys in Explorers, because he didn't want to lose the chance to be in THE GOONIES.

Apparently the reason he chose Explorers over Goonies is because he got to kiss the girl in Goonies!
Contributed by: Deborah Cross
When the three boys visit the junkyard, as Ethan looks around you can see the sled Rosebud from Citizen Kane hanging up.
Incorrect Trivia
What follows are trivia items we now believe are bogus. Some of them will have explanations, some will not. We just leave 'em in for interest, really.
Myth: In one version of the movie there was a scene where they sang 'I Get Around' by the beach boys.

No, thats "Flight of the navigator"