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Explorers Soundtrack


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Explorers featured the following songs:

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Thanks to Chad Wichterman
The soundtrack was first issued on MCA on vinyl and cassette before Varese Sarabande took it to a reissue, but the songs where in a different order on the Varese CD from the MCA issue. Side A: The first 5 tracks on the cd and then Less Than Perfect, This Boy's Gotta Rock. Side B: All Around The World and tracks 6 through 9 on the CD.
Thanks to Shawn The Great
The Beach Boys song "I Get Around" was used in the movie Flight of the Navigator (which co-starred a young Sarah Jessica Parker), not in Explorers.
Thanks to John James
I saw the movie in the theater and at the end, it had part of the song 'Dreams' by Van Halen. It started playing after the alien gave something to one boy at the end, the boy asked what it was, and he said "This is the stuff Dreams are made of". I don't know why this song was not in the video.

--That isn't possible, he must be mis-remembering. Explorers came out in July 1985. The first Van Halen album to feature Sammy Hagar as vocalist (and the song 'Dreams') called '5150' was released in March 1986 (the song Dreams came out as a single later).
There's no way the producers of Explorers could have gotten hold of a Van Halen song (which probably wasn't even written) a year before it's official release and included it in the final cut of the film (finished before it's release date) without anyone noticing. Van Halen were the biggest rock band in America at the time, and they hadn't even announced Sammy Hagar was the new singer when Explorers came out! Also, there isn't even room for a 'rock' music cue in the scene that he refers to.

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