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Look for Dick Miller in a small role as the police helicopter pilot


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Ben (watching Darren feed gum to a junkyard dog so they can sneak in): "He likes gum?"

Darren: "Don't you?"
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Darren: This is a trick, right, you guys?

Wolfgang: You gotta swear to secrecy. If someone finds out about this, they're gonna try and take it away from us and that can't happen, right... because you dreamt it, I built it... and its our secret... right?

Ben: Right.

Darren: You pulled this trick on every other sucker that comes round here?
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Ben: What is it??!!!

Wofgang: Jeeez! You know Ben, you're such an obsessive person and that drives me crazy. Because you can't get emotional if you're gonna study anything scientifically.
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Ben: There she is... She's talkin' on the phone. She's eating some, um, looks like Boston cream pie... She's got some stuffed animals on her bed... And it looks like some Thompson Twins records..

Darren: He's Got it Bad...

Wolfgang: Idiotic...

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