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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1985 Family movie starring Ethan Hawke, River Phoenix, Bobby Fite et al.
Contributed by: 80'sRocked
When Ben and Darren walk over to Wolfgang's house, Ben is wearing brown corduroy pants. Then when they go down to the basement, he's wearing blue jeans for a few shots. And then he's back to wearing his brown corduroys for the rest of the scene.
Contributed by: chimpanshane
In the Thunder Road scene where they start to wear their masks, Wolfgang takes off his glasses because he will wear his gas mask, but when he says "Check, Check, Check" you will see he's still wearing those glasses and a mask as well.
Contributed by: 80'sRocked
When Darren puts the headphones on Wak's head, he puts them on the side of his eyes. His ears are much lower on his head.
Contributed by: 80'sRocked
At 07:16 on the DVD, "2517 Davana County School District" is written on the side of the school bus, but at 49:58, the sheriff's helicopter lands by a sign reading "Davanna County" and at 50:51, deputy Gordon reads a copy of the "Davanna County Gazette".
Contributed by: Russell Piper
When the orb smashes through the window of Wolfgang's basement and out into the street. Ben tells Darren to come inside but instead of calling him "Darren" he calls him "Derek". The same mistake Wolfgang's mother made earlier in the film.
Contributed by: Eric Miles
In the opening scene, Ben talks to Wolfgang on the radio. There appears to be lightning outside Ben's house, but at Wolfgang's its quiet and you can hear the crickets.
Contributed by: Eric S.
Davana county is alluded to being in California, but Ben's jacket says Newtown MD (Maryland).
Contributed by: Tim
The battery Darren removes from the car is different from the one he installs. Also positive/negative terminals are touching through that metal strap.