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Director Carl Reiner had previously worked on "The Jerk," "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid," "The Man With Two Brains" and "All of Me."

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Former “SCTV Network” star John Candy got his big break as a leading man when he teamed with legendary director Carl Reiner for “Summer Rental,” a family comedy about a nutty air-traffic controller who takes his family on vacation to Florida with hilarious results.

Air-traffic controller and family man Jack Chester (Candy) has been given some time off after becoming stressed out from too much hard work. Taking his boss’ advice, Jack finds the perfect time to relax by taking his wife Sandy (Karen Austin) and his three kids Jennifer (Kerri Green), Bobby (a young Joey Lawrence) and Laurie (Aubrey Jene) on the perfect summer vacation in Florida. Unfortunately, this vacation is anything but perfect.

The Chesters’ misadventure begins when they rent a beach house and wind up in the wrong place, but when they do arrive at the right one, the craziness continues as Jacks walks barefoot across the hot sand, getting people wet with a leaking cooler and trying to rescue a frisbee trapped under a couple having sex. There is even more craziness when Jack breaks his leg in a boating accident with the landlord (Richard Crenna).

Things get worse for the Chesters when the landlord threatens to throw them out, but never say die as Jack convinces the landlord to challenge him to a big boat race that has to be seen to believe.

Do the Chesters have what it takes to win… and save their threatened summer vacation?


Director Carl Reiner delivers another winner with John Candy in a very hilarious performance. “Summer Rental” is fun for the whole family.

Any Candy fan should definitely check it out.

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Strengths: John Candy is hilarious and does a good job in one of Carl Reiner’s best films.

Weaknesses? Not for cynics.

Our rating: 9 out of 10

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Summer Rental