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Featured Movie Location: The beach
Wanna see the real life filming location used for The beach in the movie? These scenes were actually shot at St. Petersburg Beach, located in St. Petersburg, Florida. [Google Map]

Locations Manager(s): Frawley Becker

On Location

The rented house is in Redington Beach, on Gulf Boulevard (naturally). It was my family beach house at 15814 Gulf Blvd. It was rented for approximately 4 months. The owner at the time was my father, Dr. Robert W. Thomas, DDS. The home was photographed in every detail before the shooting began and replaced exactly afterward. The rent was approximately 5,000 per month. [Thanks to Mark Thomas]

The drawbridge scenes were filmed at John's Pass (between Madeira Beach and Treasure Island), and the posh restaurant is in Madeira Beach on Gulf Boulevard at approximately 13th Avenue. [Thanks to Brian Egan]

The Beach Theater at 315 Corey Avenue is the movie theater that the family goes to and they forget to bring money. [Thanks to Lyman Sadlick]

In the first part of the movie when John Candy is driving to work it is clear that he is driving away from Atlanta south on the downtown connector -which is I-75/I-85 combined in downtown Atlanta. [Thanks to Christopher/Anonymous]

The photo is of the bridge at the start, that is I-20 crossing over the connector, which is also south of the city so if they're passing under I-20 and the city is behind you you're heading south, which is geographically correct since they're heading to Florida. Just caught that part of the movie this morning and having grown up in Atlanta (and still living here!) I thought I recognized that stretch of road even though if you were to compare it to a photo of the same area now, which I just did thanks to the internet, it would not be at all recognizable as the same place. But since I grew up in the north part of the city we always drive South to Florida on that same route every Spring Break. [Thanks to Anonymous]

Other locations include, Scully's Restaurant, Billy's Stone Crab in Tierra Verde, Florida. [Thanks to The Barnacle]

I've been to all the filming locations of the movie "Summer rental". And I discovered a jewel today while jogging. I live 20 mintues from here, and I had a hunch it was in this area. I found the house where the family first show's up to, but have the wrong address. They are asked to leave by the right owners that night. The location is 18220 Sunset blvd, Redington shores floria 33708. This info is 100 percent. I took pictures of the exterior, New siding has been installed to the house but same structure. And both houses on either side are still there. [Thanks to Ricky Matt]

The restaurant 10 Beach Drive was used for the Yacht Club and the restaurant. [Thanks to Bob Hilsky]

Can you help? Do you know any of the St. Petersburg, Florida (or any other) filming locations used for Summer Rental, particularly Scully's restaurant? [Please send them in]

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