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On Location...

Weekend at Bernie's Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Sam Tedesco, Stan Mendoza

On Location

Shot on location in New York, Wilmington, NC and Bald Head Island (off North Carolina). [Thanks to Belch]

The 2-story beach house used in the film was actually built on a state park and had to be removed after filming.

The lighthouse was called Old Baldy, I've been to the island before, it's beautiful. The main dock that you see is surrounded by many restaurants and such. You can see a clear shot of Old Baldy from one of the pier scenes. There are no cars allowed on the island except maintainence vehicles and police. That's why you see everyone driving around in golf carts. [Thanks to Suzie]

The pier they used to get into the boat was the pier for 'The Bridge Tender Restaurant' (was run by man whose daughter and I played with Drew Barrymore while she lived there). This pier is located at Wrightsville Beach beside the Harbor Island drawbridge. [Thanks to SB]

Can you help? Do you know any of the North Carolina filming locations used for Weekend at Bernie's? [Please send them in]

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