Weekend at Bernie's Bloopers & Goofs

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Bernie is one chilled out guy.
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1989 Comedy movie starring Jonathan Silverman, Andrew McCarthy, Catherine Mary Stewart et al.
Contributed by: Don Hoffman
In the shot where Larry walks out to the kitchen to make coffee after settling Bernie on the couch, look off to the right as the camera pans, you'll see Bernie's head fall onto Richard's shoulder as he is sitting next to him. When the camera cuts back to a wide shot of both of them on the couch, suddenly Bernie's head is back into upright position and falls onto Richard's shoulder again.
Contributed by: Mike Reilly
After Richard and Larry go in the house after being in the water, they are dry for the next scene.
Contributed by: Matthew
While it's obvious that Richard and Larry are batchelors, Richard (Silverman) wears a wedding band throughout the entire movie.
Contributed by: Mike Reilly
When Larry is wheeling Bernie around the pool area on the chair, he moves his head to the right before he falls to the beach.
Contributed by: Mike Reilly
There are scenes in which Richard needs a shave and then suddenly he is back to NOT needing to shave.
Contributed by: Mike Reilly
Larry's hair is cut different for the movie poster.
Contributed by: T
In a scene when when Richard and Larry are on the dock they are arguing about whose fault it was that they were stuck in this situation. They are holding Bernie up when Richard says "Why can't you be a lazy sh*t like I am."

Bernie can be seen blinking through his sunglasses after he says this.
Contributed by: Mike Reilly
When Richard and Larry discover Bernie is dead on the couch his legs are not crossed. But, when the guest arrive, he does have them crossed.
Weekend at Bernie's