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Nothing like it has ever been on earth before.
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Wrestler Jesse Ventura knows how to handle a minigun!

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Film facts for the 1987 Action / Adventure movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura

Sonny Landham, Richard Chaves, Elpidia Carrillo, R.G. Armstrong, Shane Black, Kevin Peter Hall, William H. Burton, Sven-Ole Thorsen, Henry Kingi, Steve Boyum Update Cast

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Thanks to Roger Awalt
Sonny Landham had a brief part in the 70's cult-classic gang movie "The Warriors"; he was an NYPD uniform cop beating on one of the Warriors, after the gang member tried copping a feel of Mercedes Reul.

They later play Ganz and Billy Bear in "48 hrs"
Thanks to 80sguy
Recently, it was proven on the discovery channel show "Myth Busters" that covering yourself entirely in mud doesn't, in fact, conceal your body heat, because after only a short time, the mud on your skin becomes warmer.
Thanks to Chad
Recognize the guy who jumps in the truck at the camp (the one Arnie lifted off the blocks) to try and stop it? He is one of the columbian gang bangers later seen in Predator 2. He was in the big shoot out with the police and retreated to the roof where Danny Glover shot him (and fell on the table over the side of the building).
Thanks to Chad
Take a close look when the pred is mimicking the soldiers with his language bar on the left. It cycles through skull and crossbones several times...
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Peter Cullen, the voice of the Predator, has been the voice of many characters mainly from animated material like Transformers; however he is also recognizable as one of the "Theatrical Trailer Narrator" voices -along with people like Don LaFontaine, who is the most famous "Theatrical Trailer Narrator."
Thanks to Patrick Welch
The actor who ended up playing the Predator instead of Jean Claude Van Damme, was Kevin Peter Hall, the same tall guy who played Harry, in Harry and the Hendersons.
Thanks to Robert Baum
Kevin Peter Hall had previously portrayed an alien on safari for human quarry, in the low-budgeted "Without Warning" (1980).
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Kevin Peter Hall actually apears at the end of the movie, after the Predator blows up and the helicopter comes to view, Kevin is the black man who says "What the f..."
Thanks to Angelo Archie Amorus
During the scenes, the Predator looks at some skulls from animals. One of them is of an "Alien" (From Ridley Scott's movie).
Thanks to Robert Baum
Shane Black, the writer of the Joel Silver actioner "Lethal Weapon" portrays one of Schwarzenegger's commandos.
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Bill Duke, previously portrayed one of Schwarzenegger's foes in another Silver actioner, "Commando".
Thanks to Patrick Fogerty
Sonny Landham had a career in 'adult' movies in the 1970s, appearing in such classics as "Barbara Broadcast" and "The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann". "Predator" was only his third mainstream film appearance.
Thanks to Fernando Vales, Bel And Shane
Sonny Landham played the escaped convict Billy Bear in the 1982 action-comedy 48 HOURS
Thanks to Robert Baum
Stunt director Craig Baxley would make his debut as a fearure-film director with the Carl Weathers vehicle "Action Jackson," also produced by "Predator" producer Silver. Weathers' "Predator" co-stars Bill Duke and Sonny Landham also appeared in the film.
Thanks to WES
Jessie Ventura " Blaine ", also starred with Arnold in the 1987 film "The Running Man".
Thanks to Ray Daley
If Jesse Ventura appears to be a good actor as a special forces soldier it's because he's a former Navy Seal who served 2 tours of Duty In Vietnam! (when he was recently inducted in the WWE hall of fame they released this information)
Thanks to Travis Kane
Arnold Schwarzenegger is the current governor of California, Jesse Ventura was the governor of Minnesota, and Sonny Landham ran for governor of Kentucky in 2002.
Thanks to Jason
It is alleged that in the early 90's, the dept. of defense tested a form of camouflage that used millions of fiber-optic cables to "mirror" the opposite side of the object that is wanting to be hidden. They got the idea from the movie. The first time that people see the predator in his cloak, he is reaching for the foot of one of Arnold's guys that just got wasted. The idea behind the camouflage, was not to appear invisible but to replicate what is on the opposite side. In the DoD's test footage, when you look at the person wearing the camo (fiber-optic sheet) they simply appeared to look like a heat wave. Awesome.
Thanks to Gabriel
Jesse Ventura, the former professional wrestler and (nationally controversial!) governor of Minnesota, played 'Blain', who carries the minigun. His line "I Ain't Got Time to Bleed" was recently used as the title of a book he wrote about his trouble with the media as governor. While doing the political "meet-the-people" thing, he has been known to (tongue-in-cheek) tell people alternately that the reason that the directors had the alien kill him off was to make people realize that Arnold was in real danger, since the alien was tough enough to kill Ventura (who was tougher than Arnold) or that there was an alternate ending to the film where he kills the alien, but the movie was too short that way!
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The knife that was used by Billy, the Indian member of the team, when confronting the alien on the log scene where he was killed off, was designed and made by Jack Crain

Bogus Trivia

There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby".

The following trivia for "Predator" is apparently bogus. If you disagree or have additional info, please update us.

I believe "Predator" is the only movie to star 2 state governors.

Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jesse Ventura were both in The Running Man so Predator isn't the only one.
Myth: Sonny Landham (Billy) is an accomplished knife maker and made the knife he uses in the movie.

Fact: The knives made for Predator were ALL made by Texas knife maker Jack Crain.
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