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Nothing like it has ever been on earth before.
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Go behind the scenes on the 1987 Action / Adventure movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura

Sonny Landham, Richard Chaves, Elpidia Carrillo, R.G. Armstrong, Shane Black, Kevin Peter Hall, William H. Burton, Sven-Ole Thorsen, Henry Kingi, Steve Boyum Update Cast

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John McTiernan was keen to make the comrade banter between the soldiers as real as possible. To help this along, the cast trained together on location with weapons, fitness and a military training regime that started at 6am every morning and included the use of communication with the silent, military hand signals that we see so much in the movie. He stated that "even though many of the cast had military backgrounds" he "wanted them all to get a chance to know each other, develop as a group and endure something rough and conquer it together."
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The gruelling shoot, undertaken in the tropical forests of Mexico near to Puerto Vallarta was interrupted by Arnie's marriage to Maria Schriver.
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In 1987, Jean-Claude Van Damme landed the gig as the monster in Predator but it quickly went sour when he incurred the legendary wrath of 'Uberproducer' Joel Silver. By Van Damme's account, Silver fired him because he dared to speak out about a stunt that would have been unsafe in the cumbersome creature suit. True to Van Damme's screen form, he wraps up the episode of revenge-fantasy catharsis: another actor was brought in to do the stunt and busted his ankle, after which the costume was redesigned. ("That's obviously Jean-Claude making up stories," a spokesman for Silver Pictures said bemusedly, insisting there were no injuries, no safety lapses and only mininal "uncomfortableness" with the suit.)
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The famous clicking/gurgling sound the Predator makes throughout the movie was thought up and performed by life long voice actor Peter Cullen who was the voice of Optimus Prime from the original 1980's version of The Transformers series and movie as well as the voice of K.I.T.T.'s evil twin, K.A.R.R. in the first episode that featured him from the Knight Rider T.V. series. After the producers approached him to give the Predator "a voice" he was taken back because he had no idea what something like that was suppose to sound like, not to mention that the producers were reluctant to show what the character was finally going to look like, they relented and Cullen who thought the Predator creature resembled a "horseshoe crab" remembered as a kid how if you turned one over they would "gurgle" and that became the Predator's "sound".
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Upon hearing some joking comment that, since Sylvester Stallone had vanquished many an opponent in the ring, he was thinking about Rocky Balboa taking on a challenger from another world, brother Jim and John Thomas decided to pen the screenplay.
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"Predator" was originally titled "Hunter" but the title was scrapped to avoid confusion with the Fred Dreyer cop series of the same name.
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The original script treatment of "Predator" had the alien as a formless being who could control the thoughts and actions of other animals. However, due to technological restraints, the idea was scrapped - although it lives on in the film's novelization. I think we're all glad that it worked out the way that it did.
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The designer of the titular terror, Stan Winston, was one day talking with filmmaker and frequent co-worker James Cameron about his challenge of crafting the extraterrestrial. Cameron suggested that maybe Winston should consider devising the mouth in a different fashion.
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Making the creature terrifying was one of the film's great challenges which threatened to halt production. However, cast and crew had to contend with the insects and other life which were native to the location. Ants were of a particular problem to actor Richard Chaves who was bitten by some of them.
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Shane Black "Hawkins" originally wore a red beret to make his character easily identifiable. However, the actor felt this was a ridiculous thing to wear in the jungle and replaced it with his trademark 'dirty' jokes, though this was not a popular move with the script writers. Hawkins wears glasses for a similar reason (the actor had perfect vision).
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The cloaking effect that the predator alien uses was originally a happy mistake while testing various ideas. However, the result was liked, and it was kept, and even used in other movies.
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The awesome minigun in the movie was a General Electric M-134. In reality it needs something like a car battery to run the firing mechanism, as the firing pin is electrically operated.
Thanks to Paul Graham
About that infamous minigun...The first time Jesse tried to fire the M-134 he was nearly hurt (severely) as the expended brass was ejected upward and hit him in the chest. Afterwards, he wore body armor and they rebuilt the "Furniture" (the grips used to hold the weapon) so that the weapon ejected downward. The weapon was also firing at such a rate, that even with blanks the recoil was so great that they needed to reduce the rate of fire even further than the usual half rate. The M-134 usually fires at a rate of 6000 Rounds Per Minute (yes, that is 100 rounds PER SECOND!) or a half rate of 3000 RPM and even that was too much. They eventually settled on a lower fire rate. Of course, the M-134, or any RBC (Rotary Barrel Cannon sometimes called "Mini guns") are not hand fired weapons and the recoil is nearly unimaginable. The weapon has such recoil that it would tip an ATV over and you can see light trucks move under the recoil (at full fire rate)... And yes, the barrels truly do 'whistle' when the weapon runs dry...
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The awesome "cutlery" used by Dutch's bunch was not your average Special Forces apparel. They were designed especially for this movie by Jack Crain.

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Deleted Scenes

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Alternate Versions

Sometimes, there will be several versions of a movie floating about on cable, tv or video etc. Other times, a Director may release a special cut of the movie on Blu-ray or DVD.

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I remember seeing an alternate ending in which Carl Weather's character doesn't die. In the beginning of the movie, where Arnold's and Carl's character's first meet in the gym and they do a sort of half arm wrestle, In the ending I saw, they meet in the gym again only this time, Weathers raises his arm and it's not there to meet Arnold's. I would be glad of any information about this.
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In a version I saw, while Arnold is preparing for the final battle, the Predator hunts down and kills the fleeing woman who Arnold tells to "run to the chopper." The scene showed her climbing up an incline and was filmed from above, as she was seen throught the eyes of the Predator and she was hunted down and killed. I have never seen this version in any subsequent viewings and I suspect that this was a test version that was gauged for audience feedback. Most likely, it was decided that the audience preferred to see her live and this is the version we see today.

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