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Film facts for the 1983 Teen Drama movie starring C. Thomas Howell, Ralph Macchio, Emilio Estevez More Cast

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Thanks to Miranda
The reason for the actors laughing in the poster is because Leif Garrett was eating the food from the banquet and one of assistant directors yelled, "Hey, Leif. Don't dig in yet. Save that for the actors." Then Ralph Macchio chimed in, "Yeah Leif, save that for the talents." Then everyone broke out into laughter, and that was the poster.

Update: Sophie kindly wrote in to clarify: The reason the actors are laughing in the movie poster is because that day, a man who was not working on the movie started eating from the craft services table.

A crew member said "-Hey, those are for the actors only!" And kicked the man off the set, to which the director than said to Leif (Who plays Soc Bob Sheldon) "-You hear that Leif? Those are for the actors only!" And their reactions were captured.
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SE Hinton, the author, has a small cameo role in the movie as one of Matt Dillon's nurses while in the hospital after the fire.
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Matt Dillon's Great uncle is Alex Raymond: the man who created Flash Gordon.
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Ralph Macchio made his Broadway debut starring in a play alongside Robert De Niro.
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Tom Cruise wanted to be a priest when he was 14 and spent a year in a Franciscan monastery. He had several teeth uncapped to play Steve and auditioned for "Risky Business" in Steve's look.
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C. Thomas Howell was a junior rodeo champion aged 12. The C stands for Christopher. Although everyone used to call him Tommy, these days he goes by CT. In his single days, CT shared a place with his friend and co-star Darren Dalton. His father, Chris Howell, is a stunt double and has worked in many of CT's films. C. Thomas Howell originally expected to follow in his father's footsteps and was even a child stunt player. At times, he still does stunt work on the side. Some may have spotted him as a waiter, toppled over, in an episode of the TV series Moonlighting. Keep your eyes open for him in the upcoming Fox series LA Confidential.
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A very young Sofia Coppola has a cameo; as the kid who's hassling Matt Dillon
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The Outsiders was followed seven years later in 1990 by a short-lived TV show by the same name. The show lasted only one season with 13 episodes.
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The nurse that Dally is talking to in the hospital and he says you make my stomach sick is actualy the author of the book.
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Tom Waits had a cameo appearance in the movie as Buck, the man that answers the door at the party after the murder, when Ponyboy and Johnny are looking for Dallas.
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S. E. Hinton's Real Name is Susan Elenor Hinton, but her publisher thought many people would assume a woman couldn't write a book like 'The Outsiders'. Later in life she realized she liked the privacy and kept the name.
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"The Outsiders" was made back-to-back with Coppola's other S.E. Hinton adaptation, "Rumble Fish".
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In the film, the projection booth at the drive-in appears to sit on top of the concession stand - it is actually a free standing building several rows in front of the concession stand.
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Author S.E. Hinton played a (brief) cameo role in the film. She is the nurse tending to Dallas Winston in his hospital room following the fire. He characteristically does not want to be fussed over and orders her to go away.
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After S.E. Hinton wrote the outsiders she had a major writers block for 3 years. Then her boyfriend (now husband)suggested she wrote at least 2 pages everyday before going anywhere. This then led to her second novel, "That was then this is now".
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C. Thomas Howell played in the movie E.T. at the age of only 13 shortly before making The Outsiders.
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When Dally is calling Darry after he robs the store, behind him (on the pay phone) the engraving says "Johnny"!
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It is said by Ralph Macchio, (played as Johnny Cade) that he read The Outsiders when he was in the seventh grade. He also said that the character Johnny, was one of his personal favorite characters to play.
Thanks to Herman Brown
One of the actors in the movie's drive-in scene is Trey Callaway, who wrote "I Still Know What You Did last Summer." Callaway, a native of Tulsa area community Jenks, Okla, is seen inside the concession stand wearing a letterman's jacket. He gets in a shoving match with a greaser as Cherry and Ponyboy are inside getting snacks. The two teens shove each other and then the concession stand manager yells for them to "Take it outside!" Callaway was not credited in the movie, but also appears briefly in the fight scene "rumble" at the park during the scene where it's raining hard. Callaway had long hair before the movie, but cut it into a crewcut to appear as a rich-kid type. Callaway went on to USC Film School and graduated to a career in LA. He is the son-in-law of Paramount Studio producer Mace Neufeld.
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They made a special edition of The Outsiders and invited C. Thomas Howell, Ralph Macchio, Patrick Swayze, and Diane Lane to watch it in 2005, 21 years later.
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The girl who bothers Dally at the Dairy Queen is Francis Ford Coppola's daughter Sophia. She later became a director herself and made movies such as "Lost in Translation"!
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Denise Richards married Charlie Sheen who is the brother of Emilio Estevez who was in the Outsiders with Matt Dillon who was in Wild Things with Denise Richards!
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Heather Langenkamp auditioned for the part of Cherry.
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Both Brooke Shields and Sarah Jessica Parker turned down the role of Cherry.
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Matt Dillon and Diane Lane dated briefly during filming.
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In the movie, Dallas harasses Cherry and the two have an altercation.

The scene was shot early in filming, and Matt Dillon and Diane Lane recalled years later that it got them off on the wrong foot and created real tension between them off set, which is why their irritability with each other in the scene seems very real.

When the cast reunited in 2003 for the 20th anniversary, the men laughed when Lane told them about this, all agreeing that they remembered the ongoing feud between her and Dillon. Lane blames her adolescent insecurities for being so sensitive to Dillon's teasing. She also admitted that she remembers fondly how protective he and the other boys were of her. Dillon and Lane ended up shooting two other movies together (Rumble Fish in 1983 and The Big Town in 1987), both of which they are each other's love interest, and became good friends.
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Later in 2005 Francis ford Coppola decided to make a complete novel based DVD. Titled The Outsiders Complete Novel DVD which includes special features and scenes from the book itself!
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C. Thomas Howell will later play the recurring role of serial killer "The Reaper" on the CBS show Criminal Minds.

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"The Outsiders" was Rob Lowe's first Hollywood movie!
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