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Film facts for the 1981 Horror / Occult movie starring David Naughton, Griffin Dunne, Jenny Agutter, Don McKillop

Paul Kember, Sean Baker, Joe Belcher, Michele Brisigotti, Anne-Marie Davies, Colin Fernandes, Mark Fisher, Brian Glover, Lila Kaye, Albert Moses (II), Frank Oz, Paddy Ryan, David Schofield, John Woodvine Update Cast

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An American Werewolf In London "Duo", Director John Landis and Makeup Artist Rick Baker, also directed and did the special makeup effects for the greatest music video of all time Thriller by Michael Jackson.
Thanks to Scott Baer
Near the end of the film, when the werewolf is raising cain in the streets after escaping from the theater, there is a shot of a car skidding out of control and smashing a pedestrian through a store window -that pedestrian is none other than director John Landis.
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Rick Baker has done makeup for many different films. To name just a few: The Nutty Professor 1 & 2, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Planet Of The Apes (released in 2001), and Thriller by Michael Jackson.
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At the close of the credits is a congratulatory message for the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.
Thanks to Victor H. Marsillo
At the end of the film's credits, it says, "Any similarity to persons living, dead or undead is purely coincidental."
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The adult film "See you Next Wednesday" on in the theatre in AMIL and also the Michael Jackson video. "See you next Wednesday" is in every John Landis production as a director's trademark.
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See You Next Wednesday movie is also referenced in John Landis' The Blues Brothers. The Good Old Boys van crashes through a poster for the movie when they are chasing Jake and Elwood from the bar.
Thanks to Kyla Lucking
In addition to AWIL and "Thriller", Frank Oz also stars as the Clerk in Landis' "The Blues Brothers"
Thanks to Darren Diedrich
Perhaps a more 'impressive' list of Rick Baker's past achievments would run as follows; Star Wars, Ed Wood (creator of Bela Lugosi make up), The Rocketeer, Videodrome and, to demonstrate that he's still in work, Hellboy.
Thanks to Patrick Mckeswick
Peter Ellis, future senoir Police Officer in UK TV's The Bill appears as a uniformed constable in Trafalgar Square. John Altman aka "nasty" Nick Cotton from UK TV's Eastenders appears as one of the police marksmen near the end. Adam Woodyatt aka Ian Beale from UK TV's Eastenders appears as a punk on the tube train that David and Nurse Price are travelling home on from the hospital.
Thanks to StevenKC
Jenny Agutter, the nurse that falls in love with our werewolf, also played the female lead in the 70's sci-fi classic "Logans Run". She also was the mother in "Childs Play 2".
Thanks to Becky Parsons
Jenny Agutter made her name as a child actress, playing the lead role in 'The Railway Children'
Thanks to Darren Diedrich
Jenny Agutter (nurse Price) appears [uncredited] in Sam Rami's "Darkman", again as a nurse.
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John Landis also directed the music video Black Or White by Michael Jackson.
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Rik Mayall, star of hit UK 80s TV series "The Young Ones" and the movie "Drop Dead Fred", has a cameo role in the film, as a farm labourer playing chess in The Slaughtered Lamb.
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Brian Glover, the pal of Rick Mayall is a very well known british character actor. Although never making the leap to Hollywood the Yorkshireman who is an ex-wrestler is known in Britain through such films as "Kes", "Alien 3" and numerous TV dramas. Particularly apt in this role as his characters are ever humorous with a tinge of menace. For more info go to here.
Thanks to Brent Evans
The guy from the American Embassy is played by Frank Oz, Muppeteer and film director extraordinaire.
Thanks to Albert Flett
The taxi driver who drives David and the nurse is the dude from Snatch.
Thanks to 80'S Guy
Both David Naughton and Griffin Dunne had stared in Dr Pepper commercials years before 'An American Werewolf in London'. It was the first big picture for both of them and the DVD claims that Griffin Dunne found it very upsetting seeing himself all ripped up when he was in make-up. Even his Mother couldn't stand watching those scenes.
Thanks to Brian Paddock
There is a dream sequence featuring David & family watching The Muppet Show.
Thanks to Ashley Page
The man who was attacked in the subway by the werewolf is played by an actor named Michael Carter. He went on to play "Bib Fortuna" in "Return of the Jedi" and as the evil demon,"Molasar", in the 1983 underated Michael Mann horror film "The Keep".
Thanks to Mike Parkyn
Rick Baker won his first Oscar for his work on American Werewolf in London.
Thanks to Jeff
Griffin Dunne is the son of crime story author Dominic Dunne.
Thanks to Anonymous
A decade after he appeared in An American Werewolf In London with Rik Mayall, Brian Glover made a guest appearance in Mayall and Adrian Edmondson's BBC sitcom 'Bottom'.
Thanks to C. G. Ley
Griffin Dunne is brother to Dominique Dunne, the daughter in Poltergeist who boasted the infamous hickey.

Sadly, she was murdered by an ex-boyfriend shortly after Poltergeist was released.

Bogus Trivia

There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby".

But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "An American Werewolf In London".
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