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Jack: Now, I'm really sorry to be upsetting you, but I have to warn you.

David: Warn me?

Jack: We were attacked by a werewolf.

David: [putting his hands over his ears] I'm not listening to this!

Jack: On the moors, we were attacked by a lycanthrope, a werewolf. I was murdered, an unnatural death, and now I walk the earth in limbo until the werewolf's curse is lifted.

David: Shut up!

Jack: The wolf's bloodline must be severed; the last remaining werewolf must be destroyed. It's you, David.
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Jack: It's a full moon...

Jack, David: [remembering the warning they received] Beware the moon...

David: And stick to the road. Oops.

Jack: I vote we go back to the Slaughtered Lamb.
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Jack: Have you tried talking to a corpse? It's boring.
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[trying to get arrested in Trafalgar Square]

David: Queen Elizabeth is a man! Prince Charles is a fa**ot! Winston Churchill was full of sh*t! Shakespeare's French!
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David: I'm going to the police. Jack was right.

Alex: Jack is dead!

David: Jack is dead and six people are dead. There's gonna be a full moon tonight. I'm going to the cops.

Alex: David, please be rational. Let's go to Dr. Hirsch.

David: Yeah, be rational, sure. I'm a f*cking werewolf, for Christ's sake!
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Jack: Did you hear that?

David: I heard that.

Jack: What was it?

David: Could be a lot of things.

Jack: Yeah?

David: A coyote.

Jack: There aren't any coyotes in England.

David: The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Jack: Pecos Bill.

David: Heathcliff.

Jack: Heathcliff didn't howl!

David: No, but he was on the Moores.
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David: Nurse!

Jack: Listen to me!

David: [crying] Nurse!

Jack: The undead surround me. Have you ever talked to a corpse? It's boring! I'm lonely! Kill yourself, David, before you kill others.

[David continues crying]

Jack: Please don't cry.
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David: I'm a werewolf.

Alex: Are you alright?

David: I don't know, I'll let you know the next full moon.
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Jack: David, you are hurting my feelings!

David: Hurting your feelings? Has it occurred to you that it might be unsettling to see you arise from the grave to visit me?

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