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"Er, someone wasn't on top of their game that day..."
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In the first day of school, Stoner Bud (Eric Stoltz) puts his skateboard on his locker but when the bell rang he was still holding his skateboard when they get off the van.
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Oops! After Brad gets fired & punches the bathroom door, the sound doesn't come until after he has punched it.
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Spicoli's pizza is supposed to be extra cheese & sausage but when the pizza's shown, there's clearly no sausage!
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Mr. Hand was wrong about the Platt Amendment! He tells his class that the Platt Amendment was "a piece of legislation introduced into Congress by Senator John Platt. It was passed in 1906. This amendment to our Constitution has a profound impact upon all of our daily ..." (He stops because he notices that Spicoli is absent.) The senator's name was Orville H. Platt, not John.
The legislation was introduced in 1901. The Platt Amendment was not an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but, rather, to the Cuban Constitution. (It's major impact was to keep European nations away from Cuba and it led to the establishment of Guantanamo Bay.)
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In the scene were Jeff Spicolli has to be brought to class by a fellow classmate (the scene when he comes in with the bagel in his pants) there is a blooper with the clothing on the boy in the front row.

When Mr. Hand is writing the famous "I Don't Know" on the board, it shows the class reaction as he is writing it. Take note of the boy on the left hand side of the screen in the front row, they first show him with his vest off. Then they show him again and the vest is clearly on. You may reconize this boy, because he played one of the geeks in John Hughes' "16 Candles."

Amy writes in with an update: The entire scene where Mr. Hand writes "I don't know" on the board has clothing issues. Stacy is seen from behind wearing what appears to be a brownish sweater, but from the front she has a pink shirt and red vest. The boy on the right in the front row has a green and white baseball shirt, but in the earlier scene from behind he is wearing a light colored collared shirt. As I am watching it on DVD, I just noticed something. The front view of the class in the "I don't know" scene is the same as the one in the pizza delivery scene (with the addition of Spicoli in the latter).
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The ticket booth at the theater where Ratner works has a sign that reads, "No smoking or food inside" but when Ratner is greeting guests, you can hear him say repeatedly, "Smoking is upstairs to your left."
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When Stacey calls Demone to see why he hasn't shown up to give her a ride to the clinic, his mom tells Stacey that Demone is helping his father in the garage.

A few minutes later, Demone emerges from a second story apartment in the morning heading to school. While possible explanations exist, it doesn't appear this complex has garages.

Bogus Blunders

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Hey there, I noticed after watching this movie so many times, lol, that Stacy, before she goes to get her abortion, calls and asks if Mike is there and his mom tells her he is helping his father in the garage and he will call her later. Then, in the scene when Mike is leaving in the morning and sees the sign on his car, it seems that he lives in an apartment, meaning they don't have a garage!

You can live in an apartment AND have a garage. My friend lives in an apartment complex and each apartment has its own garage, in the back, on the lower level. So, is this goof really a legitimate goof...?
In the scene where Rat wants to ask Stacy for her phone number, he waits while she makes change for a customer. She says "...your total is a dollar ten, and your change is five cents.."

What combination of coins could you possibly give someone for a $1.10 purchase that would leave change of five cents?

Amy wrote in with an update: Damone isn't the one asking for Stacy's phone number--it's Mark Ratner. Also, as she is making change, she does not tell the customer the total is $1.10, that is how much money the customer GAVE her (as can be seen as he hands money to her). A good cashier always states the amount given out loud so there is no confusion. This is how cashiers USED to be trained. The price must be $1.05 and the customer gives her $1.10 and she gives him $.05 back.
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