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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1986 Action / Adventure movie starring Josh Brolin, Robert Rusler, Pamela Gidley et al.
Contributed by: Kim
The swedish freestyle skateborder (Per Welinder from the Bones Brigade) that talks to Corey says "Heelt otroligt, man". In English: "unbelievable, man".
Contributed by: Jose Molina
Christian Hosoi was released from prison in June, 2004. and is now a skateboarder again and has his own pro skateboard deck model that is already out for the skateboard company Black Label.
Contributed by: Jason Hockney
If you are interested in seeing a Carbon Copy film made in 1993, check out "Airborne" starring Shane McDermott, Seth Green, & Jack Black. Essentially the exact same story about a nice guy just trying to be himself who falls in love with the sister of his nemesis, only instead of being set on skateboards it's all done on the newest craze of the 90's, Rollerblades! The story even similarly culminates with an EXTREME downhill Rollerblading race which ultimately proves our hero to be the best skater around and reconciles his feud with the antagonist. A classic dupe on audiences, but both Thrashin' and Airborne Fans could line the movies up and watch them side by side to see that it plays the exact same; I guess it just depends on which decade one is more nostalgic over!
Contributed by: TKO
Robert Rusler (Hook) was also notable as one of Freddy’s victims in "Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge". He also made two guest appearances in the 80's sitcom 'The Facts of Life'.
Contributed by: TKO
Some scenes in Thrashin’ – like for instance the downhill competition and the guys shredding Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, skateboarding through crowds of people – are almost literally ‘borrowed’ from the 1985 documentary Future Primitive, featuring The Bones Brigade.
Contributed by: Bozie
Famous skater, Tony Alva (one of the members of The Daggers - has the famous line, "Beat it ya Val Jerk!"), played bass in a band from Venice, CA called The Skoundrelz. You can find a song by The Skoundrelz in the movie. More on the band can be found here.
Contributed by: Kirk
One of the daggers who says "For Wimps" to the breakdancers in the beginning of the movie is played by former skateboard pro Christian Hosoi. Chrisitian Hosoi went to prison for drug related charges.
Contributed by: Rick &Amp; Keith Wilson
The Swedish freestyleskater Per Welinder co-owns the skateboard company birdhouse with Tony Hawk. Per Welinder speaks some Swedish in the film and also does skatestunts in the film "Back to the Future"
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In Tony Hawk's biography "Hawk: Occupation Skateboarder", he says that he was the stunt double for Corey in the competition.
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The name of ditch that Corey and Hook joust in is called "Bronson's Halfpipe." Which, if you know LA, you can easily find and is skated pretty regularly.
Contributed by: Lisa
Robert Rusler is most famous for Weird Science and a bit part in the tv show "The Outsiders" if I'm correct he plays the older brother (Mr. Patrick's part in the movie).