Josh Brolin, the "tough guy" from The Goonies, is back. Now even tougher as the extreme skateborder Corey in Thrashin'.

This is the movie that really made skateboarding popular for many youngsters.

The story is classic, Hook is the leader of the outlaw skate gang, the Daggers. When Corey disrepectfully enters their territory with cool skating and on top of all falls in love with Hook's sister, the competition has begun. The climax at the end of the movie is the extreme downhill skateboard race with lots of cool scenes.

The movie is filled with great styles, great action and not to mention great music. Both The Circle Jerks and Red Hot Chili Peppers perform in the movie. We can also see many great and funny skateboard tricks (for example when a skateboarder rides into the side of a truck), beautiful girls and cool guys.

It displays the life we all wanted back then with wild parties, how to make a cabriolet out of a boring car, breakdancing, beaches, sun, you name it.

This is truly one of the greatest movies that describes the 80's best and put skateboarding on the map.

Comic tip: Watch carefully (and rewind to see it over and over) the funny scene when the young kid with sunglasses shouts out: "No, you be there!" Pure genius.


A great movie that describes the skateborading environment and cool parties from the 80's.

Many great skateboard scenes and an extreme race at the end. A must see over and over again for all 80's fans.

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Strengths: Great skateboarding.
Cool parties.
Meet nostalgic actors from the 80's.

Weaknesses? A very classic story, but who cares. It's good.

Our rating: 9.3 out of 10

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