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On Location...

Thrashin' Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Jason Clark

On Location

Venice Beach, CA was used as the location for Corey's first encounter with the ramp locals. [Thanks to Jesse]

The "Johnson Half Pipe" used for the joust scene in the movie is alive and well - and totally skateable. It's located in Bronson Canyon, just north of Franklin blvd in Hollywood. Me and my friends have skated it plenty of times, its graffitti has changed .. but its still awesome. You can find it easily by going north on Canyon drive until you come to the park, then hike up the hill..its not easy to miss. [Thanks to Louie]

Hollywood blvd is seen when the Ramp Locals skate down the street jumping off different obstacles and performing stunts around town. Hollywood and Highland is seen in the background pre "Hollywood and Highland" shopping center. [Thanks to Louie]

The Daggers house was located off Sunset blvd on N. Martel Ave on the west side of the street, it has since been torn down and now condos and apartments stand in much of the old houses way. [Thanks to Louie]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Los Angeles, S. California filming locations used for Thrashin'? [Please send them in]

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