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When Robert Zemeckis was trying to sell the idea of this film, one of the companies he approached was Disney, who turned it down because they thought that the story of a mother falling in love with her son (all be it by a twist of time travel) was too risque for a film under their banner.

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Back to the Future is simply the finest time-travel film ever made and surely a symbol of 80's movie excellence.

Michael J. Fox stars as Marty McFly, the time travelling teenager, who accidentally travels back in time and learns his family history the best way, by being part of it!

Discouraged by apathetic parents and negative teachers, Marty McFly has formed an unlikely friendship with "Doc Brown", a local inventor and mad professor, played by Christopher Lloyd in a part that surely couldn't have been more perfect for him.

When called to help the "Doc" in his latest experiment late one night, Marty finds that the excited inventor has finally perfected the one invention that has been his obsession for thirty years... A time machine.

This is no ordinary time machine though. In true 80s style, the Doc has built his time machine into a car... A DeLorean, no less!

What follows is an adventure like no other. A witty, clever and highly developed script entertains everyone making a legendary movie that is disliked by virtually no-one. Hollywood has a long tradition of time-travel movies and who could have guessed that the undisputed very best example would come from the 80s?

This is the movie that rightfully made the reputation of director Robert Zemeckis, who later went on to direct such classics as "Forrest Gump" and "Contact" and proved (producer) Steven Spielberg's faith in him was justified. Spielberg had supported his earlier efforts like "Used Cars" that had been commercial disappointments.

What makes this film so special, is it's perfect blend of ingredients, including that spectacular script, also penned by Zemeckis with Bob Gale, excellent direction, production design and, of course, perfect casting choices in the form of Fox as McFly, Lloyd as the contemporary mad professor and Glover who is absolutely brilliant as McFly senior in both eras. Lea Thomson also does a very special job of playing the mother in both time zones.

A towering classic that is a cited example of excellence to everyone, from film students to hardcore sci-fi fans.

One of the rare examples of a movie both kids and parents would both put in their all-time top 10...


A true all time classic. Rated #74 on the IMDb all time top 250 movies.

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Strengths: Absolutely stunning family movie

Weaknesses? No weaknesses.

Our rating: 9.7 out of 10

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Back To The Future