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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1984 Comedy movie starring Chris Penn, Eric Stoltz, Lea Thompson et al.
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Written and produced by iconic 80s (& '90s) writer/director, Cameron Crowe after the success of "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", The Wild Life is not in the same league as the former -or- "Say Anything" that followed. Maybe Cameron decided that he should also direct his future writings?
Contributed by: Paul Rizzo
Dean Devlin, (the liquor store clerk) went on to produce the movie "godzilla" in 1998 and also "independence day". He was also an extra in the 80's movie "my bodyguard".
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Chris Penn's father in the movie is his real life father (Leo Penn).
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Eric Stoltz's brother in the movie is played by Ilan Mitchell-Smith, who starred as Wyatt in "Wierd Science".
Contributed by: Rob T
The cable guy is Lee Ving from the punk band 'FEAR'
Contributed by: Dave
Lee Ving can also be seen in the movies "Clue" (as mr. boddy), "Streets of Fire", and Dudes!!! for a real taste of early 80s hardcore punk rock, check out the cd FEAR "the record"... promise you'll be offended, or your money back!!!
Contributed by: cantbuymelove
Jenny Wright, who played Chris Penns' girlfriend in the movie, was once linked romantically to Nick Cage for a while.
Contributed by: Jeff Anderson
The liquor store clerk carding Christopher Penn in the film is played by Dean Devlin who has had small parts in such 80's classics as "My Bodyguard" (1980) and "Real Genius" (1985) and went on to great success as a sci-fi film producer producing smash hits as Stargate (1994) and Independence Day (1996) as well as the Revolutionary War epic The Patriot (2000) starring Mel Gibson.
Contributed by: Paul Rizzo
The woman who plays Davids (the cop) wife is Nancy Wilson who is in the rock group "Heart", and was also the girl in the blue corvette that pulls up next to Brad Hamilton when he is in his fast food fish uniform in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". She is also married in real life to Cameron Crowe.
Contributed by: Jen
Chris Penn and Randy Quaid were both in the tv series on CBS "The Brotherhood of Poland, NH".
Contributed by: Paul Rizzo
Ron Wood who is a member of the famous rock band the "rolling stones" cameos towards the end of the movie at the big party at Tom and Bills apartment going into the refrigerator. He is billed in the end credits as "refrigerator raider".
Contributed by: Kara Petty
Sherilyn Fenn plays Penny Harlin, this was her first movie role.
Contributed by: LoverswithCassie
Writer-producer Cameron Crowe appears in the film as the second of a pair of policemen.
Contributed by: chimpanshane
Penn's hair was originally brown but in this movie, they dyed it blonde.
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