My Bodyguard

Being Terrorized in the bathroom? Pushed around by bullies? Forced to give up your lunch money?

Then "Get a Bodyguard"!

That's exactly what Clifford Peache (Chris Makepeace) does in this wonderful 80's comedy/drama cult classic. Clifford is the new kid at Lake View High School and the tough gang leader, Moody (Matt Dillon) isn't quite throwing a welcome party for "Peachy" (the nickname he gives Clifford on his first day at his new school). Moody and his group of tough cronies are set on running things a certain way and anyone not part of the crew better go along with the program!

This would include handing over $2 a day for protection! From what you might ask? From Ricky Linderman (Adam Baldwin)! Who is Ricky Linderman you ask? Only the local kid murderer and old lady raper.

But, no matter how much abuse they dish out, Clifford isn't ready to give up. He seems to be drawn to the mysterious Linderman and has a hunch that he isn't as horrible as his reputation. With the hope that he is right he makes an attempt to form an alliance with Linderman and use his size and reputation to protect him and to cast out Moody and his gang!

After finally convincing Linderman, with a little cash, to be his bodyguard, Cliff and Linderman find the true meaning of friendship and set out to bring justice for the underdogs of the world. Will they win in the end? Not unless they can put a stop to Moody and his new bodyguard, Mike (Hank Salas)!


Perfect 80's feel good movie! A masterpiece suited for everyone.

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Strengths: Great cast of young up and cummers including Matt Dillon and Joan Cusack.

Weaknesses? No weaknesses here!

Our rating: 9 out of 10

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My Bodyguard