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Featured Movie Location: The High School
Wanna see the real life filming location used for The High School in the movie? These scenes were actually shot at Torrance High School, located in Torrance, S. California. [Google Map]

Locations Manager(s): Brian O. Haynes

On Location

At the High School, to make things easier for this shoot, filming was done during spring break. This allowed everyone the opportunity to move about without imposing restrictions. The exterior shooting took five days. The one interior shot, the film's opening sequence where Jim Conrad makes a guerrilla assault on the school, was shot in one night.

The ladies' lingerie department at the Broadway department store was turned into the "Fashion Dynasty," the hip department store for upwardly-mobile teens.

One of "The Wild Life's" principal locations is Parker's Bowl, where Tom Drake and Bill Conrad work. Because Linson wanted to maintain this feeling of authenticity, it was agreed that they would use an actual bowling alley instead of building a set. In Burbank, they found the ideal place to shoot these scenes, a vintage bowling alley called Marlindo's Bowl. In order to have its own personality, crews designed their own signs and neon lights for Parker's Bowl.

Another actual location was Doughnut City. In Torrance, California, they found the perfect doughnut store, Rolling Doughnuts. With the cooperation of the owners and the city of Torrance, they were able to use this location for some difficult shooting, including a car blowing up in front of the store.

The other principal location was the setting for the singles complex where Bill Conrad and Tom Drake settle. This proved to be an endless task, but after scouting the hundreds of complexes in the Los Angeles area they came to the Club Equestrian in the San Fernando Valley.

As for the interior of Bill and Tom's apartment, this was just one of the sets that were constructed on Universal's Stages 20 and 36. The other sets included Eileen Phillips's bedroom, Jim Conrad's room that included a treasure trove of Vietnam War Paraphernalia and Charlie's house, Jim Conrad's personal link to his romantic visions of the Vietnam War.

The numerous exterior shots used for the homes of Eileen Phillips, Bill and Jim Conrad, Anita Thompson and Tom Drake were shot in the Burbank and Studio City area. Some of the street scenes were shot in Huntington Park.

The Riverside Inn apartment complex at 1600 Riverside drive in burbank was used as the apartments where he moved into for exterior shots, lobby scenes and also a couple of shots by the pool. The apartment complex was named Equestre Inn at the time of filming. [Thanks to Charles Huffsteter]

The donut shop looks like Daily donuts house in Torrance. Found it from looking at the street sign David's cop car went under. The liquor store across the street has been remodeled. You can screen shot it just as his car comes in the scene. Google maps has a great shot of it. Also there is now a car wash behind the donut shop called Torrance car wash. The donut shop has some pics of the best side. The counter looks exactly the same as well as the donut racks. [Thanks to Danny Harper]

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