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Gib fails to impress Allison...
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1985 Romantic Comedy movie starring John Cusack, Daphne Zuniga, Anthony Edwards et al.
Another friend of John Cusack's in the football scene is played by John Putch; note that he is the son of renowned "All in the Family" actress Jean Stapleton and is also remembered for his performance in "Jaws III" as grown-up Sean Brody, left traumatized by the water until his girlfriend Lea Thompson forces him back into the ocean where he promptly watches her get attacked by another Great White.
Contributed by: Sian
"The Sure Thing" was Rob Reiner's second feature. If you look on the wall in Gib's room, you can see a reference to Reiner's first feature, a poster for "This is Spinal Tap".
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Tracy Reiner, Rob's Daughter, played "Alison's friend".
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After graduating high school in 1984, John Cusack headed east to attend university at NYU. Apparently academia held little interest for him and he left after only a semester in order to pursue acting full time.
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The part known only as the "Sure Thing" was played played by British-born actress Nicolette Sheridan who slipped quietly into episodic TV throughout the 80's and a couple of movies in the 90's: "Spy Hard" and "Beverly Hills Ninja".
Contributed by: Cindy
Nicolette Sheridan also played the role of Paige for years on 'Knotts Landing'. The years she played on the show were the very best in my opinion and actually got the highest ratings.
Contributed by: intothesea13
The lady that gives Gib and Allison a ride and asks them about possible children's names is Fran Ryan, who was very funny in "Private School" as the stuffy headmistress. She was also Mrs. Talmadge in "Chances Are", the rich socialite that dances with Robert Downey Jr.'s character, then faints and loses her wig.
Contributed by: kap83
Lisa Jane Persky also starred in "When Harry met Sally", another film directed by Rob Reiner.
Contributed by: Sarah
In the scene where Gib is telling Allison about the constellations, he mentions Cassiopeia. This is the first time they make a connection. In "Serendipity" (2002), John Cusack's character talks about Cassiopeia again because the freckles on Kate Beckinsale's arm match the constellation.
Contributed by: phatpants
The character of Gary Cooper ("but not the Gary Cooper that's dead" :D) was played by the talented Tim Robbins. Tim is now a major Hollywood star, appearing in such films as "War of the Worlds","The Shawshank Redemption","Howard the Duck" and "Top Gun". As well as being a respected actor, Tim is also an accomplished film director and has been happily married for many years to the beautiful Susan Sarandon ("Thelma and Louise","Dead Man Walking","Enchanted")
Contributed by: Mary
Anthony Edwards (Gil's best friend Lance) also had successful leading roles in "Revenge of the Nerds" and "Top Gun" before finding fame in "ER".
Contributed by: Silvana
Look out for a very young Steve Pink (with hair!) as he plays football with John Cusack just before John follows Daphne Zuniga into the swimming pool. Steve Pink co-scripted Grosse Pointe Blank with John and appears as the security guard and former class mate of John in that film. He appears minus the hair this time!
Contributed by: ubermelis
Tim Robbins (who plays Gary Cooper, singer of "The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius") also starred in 80s movie, Tapeheads, with John Cusack.
Contributed by: Stephanie
The film has 2 taglines: 1.) "A Romantic Comedy from Rob Reiner" 2.) "A sure thing comes once in a lifetime... but the real thing lasts forever."
Contributed by: TKO
Around 86-87 Nicolette Sheridan did a few TV commercials for Martini.
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The college Anthony Edwards' character attended in California was UCLA which also was the same college Anthony Edwards attended in, "Gotcha!".
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Daphne Zuniga went on to cult fame when she played in, "Spaceballs... the Movie!"
Contributed by: Anonymous
Geena Davis makes a brief uncredited appearance in the party scene near the end of the movie.
Contributed by: Chris
The rear bumper of the light blue Volvo station wagon taken on the road trip has a sticker that reads: I LOVE E.T.
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