The Sure Thing


This was the second film Rob Reiner directed and was also immediately prior to "Stand By Me".

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Walter 'Gib' Gibson (Cusack) is a college freshman, whose wise-guy patter just doesn't work on the girls at his snow-bound northeastern college (complete with roommate who is a surprising hit with the ladies and spends his time writing imaginary readers letters to 'adult' mags).

He is thus seemingly destined to spend Christmas alone after failing to woo Allison (Daphne Zuniga,) an uptight fellow classmate from his English Class.

Lance (Anthony Edwards from "Top Gun"), a friend from high school, invites him to spend the break with him in sunny California where he is partying every night. What's more, Lance has set Gib up with a "Sure Thing", a bikini-clad blonde who Gib is assured will gladly do whatever he wants her to do...

Obviously, this is an offer he can't refuse (could anyone?), so he decides to go see what rides he can share across contry to fulfill this fantasy...

Meanwhile, Allison (Zuniga), the cute but somewhat bookish girl, is also looking to go see her equally anal-retentive boyfriend in California and as you might expect (well, this is the movies, after all) she and Gib both independently sign up for the 'car share from Hell' with a couple of drama students (Tim Robbins and Lisa Jane Persky) who have taken one too many "happy pills"...

So, together, they begin a road trip across America but things don't quite go to plan (do they ever?)

They soon tire of the drivers plans to sing show tunes at the top of their voices all the way across the USA and Gib manages to get himself and Allison thrown out of the car and they are left to hitch, with no money, no shelter and extreme dislike for each other.

Gradually this changes, and Gib begins to think of what will happen when he comes face to face with "The Sure Thing". They finally get to California, with the help of a Truck Driver, who "never had a sure thing in all my life", and the party starts. Will Gib go through with it, or try to win Allison?


If you are a fan of the ubiquitous John Cusack then miss this at your peril! The Sure Thing, directed by Rob Reiner, is yet another classic 80's teen romantic comedy, which you will enjoy watching over and over again. A complement of great casting, a funny, witty script and fantastic delivery from John Cusack makes this film stand out from the rest. It's as enjoyable to watch now as it was when it was first released.

This movie is almost a typical Matthew Broderick vehicle, but whereas Broderick would have played Gib like Ferris Beuller (happy, water-off-a-duck's-back) Cusack brings a cynical, harder edge. The movie certainly benefits from it and the main actors work well together.

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Strengths: Hey, it's an eighties 'Road Trip' with attitude!

Weaknesses? Sadly, this really never ever happens to a guy!

Our rating: 9.3 out of 10

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The Sure Thing