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"One for all and all for one"
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1984 Drama movie starring Chris Pedersen, Bill Coyne, Jennifer Clay et al.
‘Rebel Streets’ & ‘Wild Side’ were alternative titles for the film.
T.S.O.L. who perform live in the film, means True Sounds Of Liberty, for those of us who like to know these things.
Mike B. The Flea is co-founder and bassist of the fantastic funk metal band The Red Hot Chili Peppers. He also appeared in another Penelope Spheeris directed film Dudes (1987).
Contributed by: Janene_machine
Wade Walston, who plays Joe Schmo, is the bass player for the U.S. Bombs.
Chris Pederson (aka Jack Didley) went on to feature in "Night Of The Comet" (1984), Sylvester (1985), "Platoon" (1986), Two Moon Junction (1988), "Born On The Fourth Of July" (1989) and Point Break (1991).
Contributed by: Arthur L. Humann
When Roger Corman bought the rights to the film "White Star" and re-released in the US as "Let it Rock" he used the D.I. footage (where the girl gets her clothes ripped off) from "Suburbia" as a concert scene.
'Coloring Outside The Lines; A Punk Rock Memoir' by Aimee Cooper is an excellent book. She met The Connected (the film was based on them) in 1980 and her memoir is fascinating reading. The book is published by Rowdy's Press, Texas, USA.
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