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Most of the abandoned homes were off the 605 FWY in Norwalk, CA. These homes were bought by the state to make the 105 FWY, but the homes that were not in the route of the freeway were renovated and sold as new homes. These homes were closest to the Rosecranes exit off the 605 FWY. [Thanks to Lucia]

There was a real devil worship church there - NOT KIDDING - there were many swimming pools in the area where we used to skate - the only real punk gang in the area at that time was the LADS - I was born and raised on Rosecrans next to Bellflower blvd - so I know the area well [Thanks to B]

Stewart & Grey... in Downey. That scene where the car breaks down and the 2 chips drive by. Theres a drive thru mini market. That place still exists. Across from there sits that best damn 99 cent store.

Also, in the beganing, Johnnys still sits there. That Diner still looks the same on Wilshire Blvd. [Thanks to Alex Rodriguez]

The part where Shiela is hitchicking (she has long hair at this point) is located on Montebello Blvd. North of Lincoln Ave. In Montebello, CA. Driving northbound, the Oil Tower in the background is still there.

When the boys go "shopping" at the refrigerators located in people's garages, they are in the Raquet Mountain community West of Montebello Bl, East of Wilcox Av, North of Lincoln Ave. At one of the houses they throw a dog (or cat?) into a cloths dryer! lol, good times! [Thanks to freemandiaz]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Downey, S. California (or any other) filming locations used for Suburbia? [Please send them in]

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